Taste Testing: Naturally More Peanut Butter

by Rachel on July 2, 2009

I realized last week that since I bought almond butter at Trader Joes, I haven’t had any real peanut butter. I love both almond and peanut butter, but I didn’t want to be exclusive to just one nut. I decided to buy some natural peanut butter the next time I came across it.

Then I was browsing the Web and came across Naturally More PB. I liked what I was reading. It’s fortified with flax seeds and flax seed oil. Since I am such a fan of flax, this seemed like a great fit for me!

I went to the “Where to Buy” page and was really, really surprised to see that the only place it was available in Michigan was not Trader Joes or Whole Foods or even a little local health food store, but…Wal-Mart.

Wal-Mart?! I had to go to Wal-Mart to get something that contained flax seeds??? Is this a good day or a bad day for humanity? I can’t really decide.

Anyway, to Wal-Mart I went. I was honestly surprised when I found it there. And I can’t believe I bought natural peanut butter for $2.37.  Since when does Wal-Mart sell anything natural? So weird.

Here are the nutrition facts for Naturally More.

It has more protein and fiber than most PB, which I love, and not much sugar. And the flax means that I’m getting an extra does of Omega-3s in something I eat every day.

Like most natural peanut butters, the oil separates out from the butter and it has to be mixed. Once I did that, I spread it on bread and topped with banana. It’s good! Like other natural peanut butters, it’s not going to taste like Skippy, but it does taste yummy. I like a break from almond butter once in a while.

I also started adding it to smoothies and oatmeal, and I really love it like that. It’s got a stronger nutty taste than almond butter, so it adds a more powerful flavor. Almond butter is smooth but this is a little chunkier, and I think that’s the reason for the stronger flavor when blended into things.

The fact that it’s sold at a very low price at Wal-Mart, while bizzare, makes it more accessible, which is kind of cool (although I’d love to see it at health food stores as well).

If you’re in the market for a natural PB, if you use nut butters to get protein, or if you’re in a Wal-Mart, I definitely recommend giving this a try!

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