The Lacie

by Rachel on July 29, 2009

So it’s time, I think, to start working toward another reward. I haven’t decided what my goal is going to be, but I can tell you what my treat is going to be: candy-colored underwear!

I’ve always had a serious love for sexy little things. To me, what you wear under your clothes is just as important as your actual clothes — even if no one is going to see it! I’m a stickler for matching bras and panties. I spent a year working at Victoria’s Secret — by far, the most fun job I’ve ever had (and not just because it made getting a guy to want to F you ridiculously easy). Because of all this, I’m pretty picky about underwear. My current obsession is the Lacie.

My NYC roommate actually turned me onto these. Once we started, we couldn’t stop, buying a pair every time we happened to walk by a Victoria’s Secret! They are super soft stretchy lace and are actually one-size-fits-all. I would be skeptical about this, but since she was assless and I had 15 pound on her, I actually think they do fit most women.

I like them because they aren’t quite a thong (which are sooooo 1999) but they don’t show panty lines. Even though they are lace, the breathe enough to wear to the gym or at work all day. And despite being completely comfy, they look sexy as hell. Something about the low-scooping back makes everyone’s ass look great.

At three for $25, they aren’t exactly cheap, so I usually buy them one pair at a time, or whenever I get a good coupon. But for the next goal I hit, I might go all out and get one for every color of the rainbow!

It’s great to buy things that flatter your bod and make you feel good every step of the way, so for me, this is a perfect reward.

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