Cook With Juice

by Rachel on August 12, 2009

Cooking with broth is a great, traditional way to add flavor to a dish. You can saute your stir-fry in chicken broth or cook your rice in vegetable broth. It adds a little depth to an otherwise ordinary meal. But once you’ve conquered that, try cooking with juice!

Cooking with juice can add vitamins, antioxidants, flavor, and color to a dish.

Use 100 percent juice and try carrot, apple, beet, orange, or pomegranate juice. Orange and apple juices are great for fish and poultry dishes, while pomegranate is good for beef and pork. Vegetable juices pair well with whole grains. Carrot is great for Asian noodles (think ginger and garlic pairings) while beet can enhance barely. If you’re feeling exotic, try making rice for stir-fry with cashew juice.

I find a glass of juice rather boring, but I love the idea of substituting it for water in any recipe to add flavor and color without adding fat!

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