OMG They’re Back Again

by Rachel on September 15, 2009

There are very few things that will make me excited enough to reference a Backstreet Boys song in a blog title. There are also very few things that I’d choose over green apples. But one thing that can do both is back in my life as of this afternoon: Honeycrisp apples!!!!

I love Honeycrisps. I first started getting them in NYC from Whole Foods. They are pink and yellow and the size of a a softball. They are so, so good; the world “sparkling” does not describe a lot of foods, but that’s how they taste. They are also really expensive (mostly because they are so big), so I didn’t buy them very often. I might have one a week (they were usually about $2.50 each). But since leaving NYC, I have had….zero! I have not been able to find them anywhere. Not at Whole Foods, not at any grocery store, not at the farmers markets. It was heartbreaking.

For my debut column in a new Ann Arbor newspaper (which should be out very soon!), I wrote about my love of apples. While researching, I saw that Honeycrisps are actually in season in fall. I also found out they are grown in Michigan. I knew it was just a matter of time; I was on the hunt for them like a cougar at a high school graduation.

Well today I walked into the store for something completely unrelated, and, THERE. THEY. WERE. On sale for $2 a pound, in all their shiny pink glory!!! It was like one of those stories where a lost pet finds its way home after six months in the wilderness…except I was the one wagging my tail and trying not to piddle.

On the way home, I heard a commercial for the store I had just been in, announcing that Honeycrisps were there and on sale. “Once step ahead of ya, bitch!” I gleefully shouted at the radio. I’m having one for my afternoon snack right now with some pumpkin seeds.

If you have yet to experience the Honeycrisp, I highly suggest you do so the moment you see them in the grocery store. And if you’re already a fan, just know that the wait is over and they are ready to make the comeback in your life that the BSB could never pull off.

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1 Suzanne September 15, 2009 at 4:37 pm

Haha a local orchard here in Champaign grows Honeycrisp apples, and they sell so well that they nicknamed them “Money-crisp.” Apples aren’t my favorite fruit, but I’ll have to make an effort to try them this year… Enjoy your snack (those pumpkin seeds sound delish)!


2 Meg Ritchey September 15, 2009 at 9:05 pm

Since I have given up high fructose corn syrup, refined white anything and I am working on just saying no to sugar….girl’s gotta have a sweet treat. I am gonna buy lots o’ honeycrisps. I am thinkin’ a honeycrisp, raw nut butter and a big ole glass of cold, organic milk in a tall, sweaty tumbler…. Oh yeah baby! Talkin’ dirty!!!


3 Rachel September 15, 2009 at 9:06 pm

That sounds like a MIND blowing snack!!! Ahhh, I want another one!


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