In Which I Don’t Work It (I’m Just One Stomach Flu Away From My Goal Weight!)

by Rachel on November 18, 2009

Gooood afternoon!

Well, I seem to have caught a little stomach bug! It’s no surprise — I’m a bit run-down from traveling, and Preston is rather sick. (Both from germs and from a bad reaction to his flu shots. The doc put him on steroids and he turned into the kid in the “David Goes to the Dentist” YouTube video. It was awesome/scary.) Anyway, despite the fact that my stomach is making very weird noises, I managed to do a 4-mile run yesterday, and then realized, “Um, hey, you’re sick! You’re done!” I’m very glad today is a rest day! I feel rather nauseous, feverish, and just all-around yucky! I’m eating mostly carbs, soup, and OJ to deal; lunch today was a PB & J with chicken noodle soup, a sick day favorite of mine.

My appetite isn’t great though, so hey…a few pounds sacrificed to the flu? Ummm, don’t mind if I do!

I’ve been trying to write articles all morning (if you haven’t read my latest at Tech Coquette, be sure to check it out and learn how to Take Your Texting to the Next Level!), but honestly, I’ve spent a good chunk of the day on various Web sites, getting in the holiday spirit. First, I realized I desperately need a new apron. A lot of the ones I found were stupid/cheesy/overpriced, but then I found an amazing store on Etsy with hundreds of fabulous prints/designs. Picking one wasn’t easy, but I can’t wait to post the pics when my chosen one arrives! Well, I had forgotten how great and comprehensive Etsy is, so then I started looking for Christmas cards…and gifts…and vintage cookbooks (which I love/collect)…and then I started downloading new Christmas music…and realized I needed Christmas return address labels…I picked them quickly but then I started designing new business cards…and next thing I knew I was designing “Shedding It” reusable grocery bags (!!)…but then I accidentally chose priority shipping for $17 and had to call and cancel and re-order everything…I mean…Procrastination City! But it just made me happy to be browsing/buying custom-made things from talented people. Yes, the Internet makes it difficult for me to focus, but I love it so!

I do intend to give Betty her inaugural run this afternoon, but other than that, I’m going to take it pretty easy. Unfortunately I do have to leave the house today to get my hair straightened at 5:00. Come hell or high water, a black girl will always get her hair done. And I mean, right now it’s just getting out of hand. There’s “full of secrets” hair and then there’s “full of Classified information, gay relatives, and sex with hookers” hair. Right now, I’m in the latter category, so, well, to the salon I go.

Have a great afternoon!

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1 PaganAngel November 18, 2009 at 4:45 pm

LOL, your blog cracks me up! You remind me so much of an old coworker, who always had kept the office in tears (in a good way, of course!)


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