$5 for Your Health: Ice Cube Trays

by Rachel on January 4, 2010

Since it’s freezing here in Michigan (literally…10 degrees…NFA!) I was inspired to write a post about all the fun things you can do with your freezer. But then I realized what a great, budget-friendly item ice cube trays are. Here are some of my favorite healthy things to freeze!

Herbs. This is especially good in the summer months if you have a garden producing loads of basil, but even now, I find that I’ll buy an herb for a recipe and then not use all of it. First, rinse the herbs and remove the leaves from the stems. Use a measuring cup to determine how much you have of the herb, and then put the herbs in a blender. Add 1/4 cup of water for each cup of herbs that you have. Process the herbs into a paste, and then put the paste into the ice cube tray. One they are frozen, transfer to a freezer bag or airtight container. When you are ready to use, just add a cube to the recipe as it is being cooked.

Stock. Whether you make your own or just have extra broth after opening a can for a recipe, you can freeze it! When you are ready to use, keep in mind that an ice cube tray holds about two tablespoons of liquid; use eight cubes for every cup of stock you need.

Egg whites. If you’re making a recipe that only uses egg yolks, or if you bought to many eggs and they are close to the expiration date, salvage the whites! Then just thaw in the fridge before using. Instant breakfast when the cupboard is bare!

Pesto. You know how I feel about pesto, so I never have to worry about wasting it, but if you buy it for a recipe (like pesto turkey burgers or pesto eggs!) or get crazy with some fresh basil and make a ton, this is a great way to preserve it.

Coffee. This is great if you like making your own blended coffee drinks, keeping iced coffee from getting diluted, or if you want to put coffee in your smoothie!

Lemon and lime juice. This is a good way to always be sure to have fresh citrus juice on hand for recipes, especially since you often need just two tablespoons. Spend an afternoon juicing (get a citrus press and I’m telling you, you’ll want to do this!) and you’ll be set for a while!

Wine. This is one of the most brilliant uses to me. Why? Because even though I’m kind of a lush, I often waste the leftover wine I buy to use in recipes. Recipes often call for a small amount, and sometimes, no, I don’t want to drink that dry white wine every night for a week. But you can freeze it and then just toss it in your recipes using the same measurements as above! And if you don’t finish a bottle of wine with dinner, might as well just freeze the leftovers right away, so it’s already ready, the next time you need a little bit.

Any other good uses you can share?? Let me know!

Amazing way to improve your health, stop wasting food, and be a better cook and you can get it at the dollar store! Love!

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1 Joanna Sutter January 4, 2010 at 5:03 pm

I’m a girl that owns ice cube trays because my ice maker is (still) broken. I love these ideas. All of them.
.-= Joanna Sutter´s last blog ..Don’t Just Show Up =-.


2 amanda January 5, 2010 at 8:13 am

Really great ideas!


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