Wear Red Day 2010!

by Rachel on February 5, 2010

Good afternoon!

So, I should be in Chicago right now…but I’m not.

Feel like you’ve heard this story before? That’s because you have.

You may recall that back in December, I missed my bus because I decided to go out the night before my trip and didn’t give myself enough time the next morning. This trip was actually a re-booking of my ticket from then. I ran around all week getting everything I needed to done so I could have the weekend free of responsibilities. I spent all day Thursday packing. And then, despite the fact that both Jacki and I have had our tickets for a month, we somehow truly and unquestioningly believed that our bus left at 5:40…when it in fact left at 5:00! I mean…wow. Clearly, I am just not meant to take this bus to Chicago!

So…that’s that! I’m in town for the weekend. With a wide-open schedule because I had obviously not planned to do anything around here! Of course, I’m finding ways to fill it, but still. I’m rolling my eyes at myself.

Since it’s National Wear Red Day, I obviously rolled out of bed and put on my red T-shirt and red track jacket!

Lola got into it too…

(I swear I’m not one of those “Best in Show” people…I just like a theme, OK!?)

This morning I decided to have some heart-healthy oatmeal! Almonds? Very good for the heart. Bananas? Contain potassium, which helps lower blood pressure because it offsets the effects of sodium. Oats? Whole grains and fiber! Cranberries? Go red!

There was also some butterscotch and PB in there, to make it even tastier!

I was in the mood to pay a visit to my mom at work, and I knew all the teachers were having a Superbowl potluck today for lunch. I decided to come bearing treats: Superfood cookies! It seemed wrong to show up with something crazy indulgent on Wear Red Day and besides, those cookies are so damn good, I figured it sent a good message. I was happy to see that many teachers and students were wearing red, including my mom!

Because I had brought treats, I had no problem hitting up the buffet for lunch. I had a bowl of tortilla soup (delicious!!!), a few nibbles of bread (wasn’t feeling it, which is rare for me), veggies, and amazing vegetable salsa. Sometimes I like to eat salsa that’s chunky straight-up with a fork, like it’s a salad.

The cookies — which were so freshly-baked, they were still warm when I arrived with them — were a huge hit!

I was actually really full from the soup so I saved my cookie for later!

Since I have an impromptu free afternoon and have no plans to work out — I pushed it really hard on Wednesday and Thursday with the intention of taking today off — I am going to get some work done before just blissing out with the stack of magazines I got to read on the bus.

Have a great afternoon!!

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1 Teri [a foodie stays fit] February 5, 2010 at 2:49 pm

I forgot to wear red! I’m such a loser!
I’m jealous of your magazine stack. I subscribed to two new fitness magazines for the new year and still haven’t gotten either of them!
.-= Teri [a foodie stays fit]´s last blog ..Good Reads Round-up =-.


2 Rosa February 5, 2010 at 4:52 pm

You’ll make it Chicago eventually. You and your mom look great in red together.


3 heather February 5, 2010 at 8:06 pm

what a great surprise to have a weekend to do WHATEVER youd like. sorry you missed the bus again- but I know you will continue to be positive and find many many WONDERFUL things to do at home, instead! :)
.-= heather´s last blog ..Just Call Me Heather Kent =-.


4 Rachel's Mom February 5, 2010 at 11:24 pm

Everyone raved about the cookies!


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