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by Rachel on March 18, 2010

This week I had some new thoughts re: positive thinking.

First, I started scheduling a daily “inspiration hour.” It doesn’t actually have to be a full hour; it really only has to be like 20 minutes, but the point is I have to spend that time doing something that will inspire me. And the inspiration can be in any form! It can be reading about people who are changing the world or it can be watching “Chelsea Lately” clips on YouTube.

Most of the time, though, I find myself looking at pretty pictures of home decor. Not only does it make me feel calm and happy, but it reminds me how badly I want to move out — and that means when it comes to my book, I need to SHIP!

This week has been all about shipping for me. In my current inspiration Bible Linchpin, Seth Godin writes, “All artists must ship.” This means that you must do more than envision great work — you have to finish it and you have to share it. Otherwise, what’s the point? So when I’m stalling on getting started writing, I look up and all my dry erase board says is “SHIP SHIP SHIP!”

But I realized I don’t need my vision board to motivate me to ship. After all, I know at this point what I want. Everyone knows what I want. Any requests sent to the universe are being sent right to voicemail, because it’s seriously given me everything I need to get what I want. Now it’s on me — all I have to is ship. So I made a new board. (I jut went ahead and bought a four-pack of cork squares to deal with the fact that I constantly want to make new vision board-eque things to hang for inspiration.) My new board is dedicated to the fact that I need cheerleaders!

I said a few weeks ago that my I had surrounded myself with awesome people and it’s true! But I wanted to look up and see their awesome faces whenever I was working and needed a kick. My cheerleaders aren’t just my friends, though. I added anyone to the board who I knew would be cheering me on if they knew me.

OK, so it starts with Oprah — obviously, she’s cheering me on because she wants to say, “Rachel WILKERSONNNNNNN!” in her Oprah voice before her show goes off the air. Next is Bonnie, the woman behind the Spartanette, who has been cheering for me for the past four years, even when other journalism professionals told her to yank the blog down. Then we have Seth Godin, who is pumping his fist and saying, “Ship, Rachel!” Then is Mo’Nique who is saying, “Hellll yes girl! I’m a stand-up comedian, I don’t shave my legs, and I just won an Oscar. Ship so you can join the ranks.” (Her Oscar speech — “Thank you for showing me you have to forgo doing what’s popular in order to do what’s right” — made me sure she’s cheering for me.) And I have a note to represent YOU, my readers who cheer for me even though you don’t even know me!

Then I have my agent Stephanie (holy shit, that girl is working her pom poms for me right now!), my real (i.e. “in real life”) friends, my aunt, grandma, and mom, and my brother. In that picture, Preston is holding up a sign for me waiting for me to finish the marathon. (For those of you who don’t know me, Preston has called me “Zsa Zsa” since he was a baby. Now he just has shortened it to “Zsas.” After four years, my family calls me that quite often now too.)

So if you’re having trouble shipping or you’re dealing with rejection or you’re just feeling very, “OMG, why don’t any guys like me?”…make a cheerleader board! I’ll bet you’ll be surprised how many cheerleaders you have. Don’t forget to put me on there either because really, I love cheerleading.

Speaking of which, I got a fabulous e-mail this morning re: virspinity

“I did it. I tried spin class for the first time last night. And I was really surprised with how much I loved it! My butt hurt a bit in the beginning (I was ALL about finally getting to the standing position just so my ass could get a break), but after like 10 minutes, my ass went numb and all was good! I sweat (definitely needed the towel), got red in the face, and walked out feeling like I had really kicked my own ass and was SUPER proud of trying something new all by myself!

So I have to say thanks, for making spinning sound like the best. thing. ever. It was enough raving that I finally (after YEARS of wanting to) decided it was time to just do it. And Im’ so happy I did – can’t wait to go back (once my ass stops hurting).

Thanks for the recommendation (and for never shutting up about it) so I felt pushed enough to try it!

You’ve got another v card under your belt!”

Goooo team!

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1 Lauren March 18, 2010 at 4:38 pm

Omgeeeee this totally made my day!! So excited for you :-)


2 Angie March 19, 2010 at 9:16 am

Love the cheerleader board…and OMG. I made the blog :) Consider my work done for the day!

And know that I’m fairly certain there’s a LARGE number of people who turn to your blog as their inspiration throughout their days!
.-= Angie´s last blog ..Six?! =-.


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