Outside the Box Challenge: Week #4

by Rachel on March 22, 2010

We made it to Week #4! We’ve seen some really fabulous recipes so far, and we hope this inspired you to do some planning and cooking ahead so you’re not left scrambling for the drive-thru.

This week’s test, sponsored by Stonyfield, will hopefully inspire you to mix it up once again.

If you’ve seen “Food, Inc.,” you know that Stonyfield cares about where its products come from. The organic dairy company even has a section of its website devoted to letting you know all of the ways they’re conscious of the environmental impact of where their food comes from, where it’s going, and how it gets there.

So let’s say I bought one of their Oikos Greek yogurts. I could go to the Stonyfield Web site and find out exactly how that yogurt got into my hands.

Your mission this week is to research one brand you often purchase, whether it’s meat, dairy, or even fruits and vegetables, to find out what the company’s growing practices are.

Try to address the following questions as you play detective:

Are the company’s foodie philosophies and practices in line with your belief system?

Does the company make an effort to share that sort of info with its consumers?

Should you reevaluate supporting that company?

What makes a brand worth buying in the first place?

Really, we just want you to find out where your food comes from! If you shop at a farmers’ market for most of your meat, dairy, and produce, you could ask the farmers you buy from if they use hormones/pesticides/antibiotics/etc.

It might be worthwhile to choose a brand that ISN’T as up front about their practices as Stonyfield or farmers at a farmers’ market. While we all want to hear that we choose brands with good food karma, maybe use this opportunity to decide if you’ll keep buying a non-organic brand.

Just for doing a little research, you could win one of FIVE Stonyfield prize packs! They are giving our readers lots of good shizz, which is s exciting.

As always, you have until next Sunday, March 28, at midnight PST to submit your entry. Share as much as you want about what you found out about the company, and if you’re going to keep purchasing their products. The inspiration for this challenge came from the idea that if we’re not growing food ourselves, let’s at least find out as much as we can about it. Submit your findings here.

Don’t forget that you don’t have to have entered in the past to be eligible for one of the FIVE prize packs this week! (But those of you that have entered every week…we’re keeping track of you and you’re in the running for the grand prize!)

Happy hunting!

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