by Rachel on March 26, 2010

I am declaring a new Shed holiday: F*ck Calories Fridays!

I know everyone just got a halfise because that sounds really, really amazing. And it is! But before you run for a third slice of pizza, read on…

What does this holiday mean to me? It does not mean “binge like an innmate on McDonald’s.” It doesn’t even mean “cheat day.”

F*ck Calories Fridays means two things:

  • All (relatively) healthy foods, but no measuring portions or counting calories.
  • Eat when you are hungry and stop when you are full.

Lately, I’ve been watching my calories and measuring my portions. I don’t want to go overboard on almond butter and eat way too much chicken on my salad or whatever the case may be. And that’s good for me most of the time. But then there are days when I just wake up and say, “Good morning, delicious food! Today…I am going to eat the shit out of you!”

Today was one of those days. So I embraced it and declared it a holiday.

We’re always hearing that mindful eating is the best way to eat, and I absolutely believe this. I am, however, not great at it. And I realized…well, I need to practice it! And while measuring portions is a great idea, it also still doesn’t tackle the whole idea of stopping when you’re full. I tend to eat every last bite of my perfect portions, you know?

So I figured the best way to practice this is with healthy foods. Like, if I take in an extra 200 calories, they might as well be from almonds and pineapple, because at least we know I’m going to get some good vitamins and minerals and other shizz along with it!

But the thing is, I just ate lunch, and I’m not even so sure I am taking in extra calories. I have an apple sitting here, but I didn’t eat it, probably because I let myself have a few extra Food Should Taste Good Tortilla Chips. (I finally tracked down the “Everything” flavor…they are pretty much mindblowing.) I’m full! So I’m done eating, even though I left some of my wrap on my plate.

I’m not really into “cheat days” because I think they can lead to binging, but I really like this. It’s a good one to put into practice when you hit the Whole Foods hot bar and everything looks sooo good. It’s not one to put into practice when you’re going to a place with deep fried everything everywhere. That’s more of a “cheat day” I suppose. This is about indulging with healthy foods.  If you want to maintain or lose weight, you can’t overeat healthy foods every day…but if you want to eat like a normal person in the real world, at some point, ya gotta tune into hunger clues. And practice makes perfect!

Who else would like to observe the holiday?

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1 Yasmin March 26, 2010 at 2:05 pm

Amen! I love this idea :) I’m with you on this one!
.-= Yasmin´s last blog ..Curing my Sweet Tooth =-.


2 Leah (Nutritionista) March 26, 2010 at 2:11 pm

Me and Adrian have been celebrating Fat Boy/Girl Fridays for a long time. I vote… yes!
.-= Leah (Nutritionista)´s last blog ..My Day in Food: Lunch Perfection =-.


3 Nicci March 26, 2010 at 2:16 pm

I need a holiday like this…Fridays work for me. I was about to check my sparkspeople tracker too, see if I can eat this whole brownie from Panera and still be okay. Hell! I worked my butt off this week..I deserve that brownie!! lmao
.-= Nicci´s last blog ..Chevy Girl on the Go =-.


4 Alexa March 26, 2010 at 2:31 pm

I’m bad at cheat days because eating healthfully is such a habit now. So instead I have the occasional cheat meal, if I want to cook coq au vin or go out to a restaurant.


5 amanda March 26, 2010 at 4:03 pm

My cheat day is normally Saturdays. But I love this new holiday!!
.-= amanda´s last blog ..Las Vegas Food Porn =-.


6 andrea March 26, 2010 at 4:13 pm

I love that flavor of chips too, I also have the hardest time finding it. I’m live in Michigan to and can really only find them at whole foods.


7 Stephanie March 26, 2010 at 7:19 pm

HaHa I LOVE IT! I’m definitely in! I’m trying to keep an eye on my calories to help lose those last few pounds and I find it so annoying! Having one day to say F Calories sounds beautiful! :)


8 Rachel March 26, 2010 at 8:31 pm

Seriously a few extra calories from healthy stuff one day isn’t going to kill us! So excited everyone’s into this!!


9 PaganAngel March 26, 2010 at 9:42 pm

LOL, you got me! I read the first part, and was like…has she gone mad?! Rachel is so not about cheating and binging! But once I read it, you got a point! This is a TOTALLY healthy idea.
.-= PaganAngel´s last blog ..Ultimate Peanut Butter Cup Cake =-.


10 Rachel March 27, 2010 at 9:56 am

Thanks lady!! :)


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