Get Buff in the Buff

by Rachel on April 6, 2010

Now that I’ve become a bona fide home gym girl, I’m starting to love home workouts. One reason? Because I can do them half-naked.

It’s not like I’m some kind of nudist or anything…but I do love the fact that I can do my workout DVDs in clothes I’d never wear to the gym. And I really think you should consider doing the same! I’m not saying you should work out in nothing but an iPod armband and a smile, but I do think stripping down a few layers and working it in simply a sports bra and short-shorts can be a good idea.

  • First, it forces you to check your form. When I do Core Fusion in just a sports bra, I can really see what my abs are doing and I can make sure they are engaged. Looking down and seeing them not engaged generally results in a moment of horror like you might have if you were photographed not doing the skinny arm trick. You immediately pull them in.
  • Next, it forces you to admire your form. When I do pilates in shorts, I can see my muscles flexing and toes pointing and my tiniest muscles going to work…and I find that I rather like them!
  • It makes you push yourself — in a good way. When I can see my legs jutting out from my running skirt during kickboxing or see my legs straining to straighten during pilates, it makes me want to get better. I get all, “Hell yeah! Now kick higher!!!”
  • It makes it seem less like working out. I know that for me, part of the whole annoying ordeal of working out is getting dressed. Oh, no clean workout pants? Oh, I guess I can’t work out today! But just throwing on a pair of cheerleading shorts feels so easy; for some reason, it doesn’t even feel like work anymore. It’s more like lounging around and doing a few leg lifts.
  • It makes you realize that your body is not that big of a damn deal. Seriously, walking around my house in just a sports bra and calling it a shirt — which is very different from walking around in your real bra and thinking, “Oh, I’m just wearing a bra while I do my makeup but I’ll put a shirt on in a second” — made me a lot more comfortable wearing less. I know this is part of the reason I’m wearing a two-piece this summer too.

The way I see it, working out = feeling good. So working out naked = feeling good naked! After a few nekked go-rounds with Core Fusion, I realized, Oh, my body…NBD. It’s not perfect but it’s certainly not some thing to hide away like it’s a gay relative or something.