Baby, Give it Up to Me: Let the Voting Begin!

by Rachel on June 7, 2010

Thanks to everyone who entered the Fitbook giveaway last week! After reading through 59 fabulous entries, I have to say, you guys are almost as ridiculous as I am. You included LOL-inducing expressions like, “I drink beer in a sports bra because I’m white trash” and “I live in the dirty South where it’s more humid than your boyfriend’s balls.”

There were so many great tips, I’m definitely going to keep sharing them over the next couple weeks. Obviously, I didn’t want to pick favorites, but I had to! I chose the top five based on originality, creativity, and how well I thought they’d actually keep me (and other people!) fit and healthy this summer. (And I kept the names off of them because that seemed fair!)

SHAKE WHAT YOUR MAMA GAVE YA IS THE MOTTO!! There is something so liberating about busting a move, whether it be on the dance floor, on the beach, starting a flash mob in the middle of a mall (hey, they did it on Glee) or even in the privacy of your own home (probably safest if you don’t want to end up on YouTube). So pick your poison (I love old school hip hop, 80’s new wave, 70’s soul and mid-90’s alternative) and shake it like a Polaroid picture!” (Love this one because it’s so true…dance parties are great cardio and great mood-boosters!)

Rewards, rewards, rewards. I really fall off the workout wagon in the summer when the heat and humidity are off the charts, so I create a list of rewards for myself. They may be small (workout every morning until Friday and get a magazines/socks/whatever) or bigger (complete X workouts this month and get a Pilates package next month). I can totally trick myself into doing workouts in the heat if I know that prizes are involved.” (Love this one because I have been making goals lately just for the obvious benefits, like a nice ass. I need to be my materialistic self! And it might help me stop spending freely; I need to earn things!)

Have sex without the air conditioner on. First, you will burn more calories (or at least feel like you are!) sweating in the heat. Then, you will HAVE to go to the gym and get in shape so you STOP sweating so much when you are getting down and dirty.” (Clearly, this girl knows what’s up!)

I try to work out in the pool and use the water as resistance. I try to walk from one side to the other as fast as I can and back, use the sides to hang onto and do scissor kicks in the water, and use a wet towel, and dunk it and raise it over my head and back down again and sometimes circles. Have fun with it,and no stress on the noisy joints because of the water!! Yippee!” (You may recall I don’t like swimming, but I love the idea of using a wet towel as resistance! And doing strength training in the pool wouldn’t require me to get wet hair.)

“When I experience summer-induced laziness, or am tempted to go tubing down a river with a dirty 30 and a breakfast burrito in lieu of running and pilates, I think ‘slip and slide.’ When I conjure the image of running and jumping on a slip and slide in my body’s current state, I’m faced with the image of a tiny bikini riding up my less-than-toned white ass that’s sprawled out after riding the slip and slide harder than intended. That image helps me pass on the breakfast burrito and make choices that contribute to a much different scene: charging that same slip and slide with a body I’m proud of, and not caring that my bikini bottoms are riding up after my turn sliding, because after all of my dedication I have a tight, hot ass.” (This tip is kinda brilliant…I already used it to motivate myself over the weekend!)

As you can see these are pretty fun and creative, but we must pick a winner! So please vote below…whomever supplied the tip that gets the most votes will win the Fitbook!

Voting will close on Wednesday at 6 PM so you have until then to vote and to tell your friends to vote!

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