Summer Friday!

by Rachel on June 18, 2010

The weather in Michigan has sucked so much for the past few weeks, it really hasn’t felt like summer since Memorial Day weekend. It’s overcast or rainy pretty much every day! Horrible. But this week, things finally turned around, so I was able to have my first real Summer Friday!

I don’t care that Summer Fridays don’t seem to exist outside of NYC. I will be having them for as long as the summer weather blesses me on Friday afternoons!

Today’s SF consisted of…

Baby-sitting duty…

I don’t agree to do it often, but at least I could wear my brother out in the pool while I got some much-needed Vitamin D.

…while getting some sun!

Rachel Wilkerson

Thanks to Core Fusion for making me feel as confident as my favorite bikini pic of Brigitte Bardot! I was pretty cozy on that chair, even though it was hotter than balls outside. Preston kept asking why I didn’t get in the pool; can five-year-olds comprehend black girls and their hair?

Next I worked using my Compushade while eating a tropical popsicle!

I attempted to cool off with this but it was no use. It was about 90 degrees in Michigan today. So once I got good and sweaty and disgusting in the sun (and turned “the color of a chocolate brownie” according to my mother), I headed inside to keep up the sweat.

Then…actual Core Fusion!

OMG, per usual. I’m ready for this month’s goal to be over. This DVD is so hard! It’s getting easier, but by “easier” I just mean, “Instead of making sex noises, I now actually have the gluteal strength to form words, all of them of the four-letter variety.”

Preston decided to work out with me…and then kept asking why my legs were shaking so hard.

Finally…dinner from Qdoba!

After a much-needed cool shower, this was my reward for baby-sitting. (I’m easy to please.) I got a chicken taco salad with three types of salsa, fajita veggies, a little cheese and sour cream, and guac. I may be becoming obsessed with this, but only for a little longer, when there’s a Chipotle within my hometown. Then I will be leaving Qdoba and having a love child with Chipotle.

Anyway…it just finally feels like summer! I have that warm, baked-in-the-sun, hot-body-to-cool-AC, it’s-still-light-out feeling that just feels like summer! I love it; it feels so good! My body is tired, which is good because I’ll sleep well before I have to get up and teach spinning tomorrow!

Anyone else take a summer Friday? (Or can at least pretend on Saturday?)

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1 Lauren June 18, 2010 at 8:35 pm

summer fridays DO exist for ad girls in chicago!!!


2 MelissaNibbles June 19, 2010 at 5:56 am

Summer Fridays exist for me because I lie and say I have some sort of appointment and need to leave early. My boss is a sucker and I’m going to hell hahaha!
I’m headed to the beach today and can’t wait to put on the bikini for the first time and show off my Core Fusion abs I’ve worked so hard for. woo hoo!


3 Rachel June 19, 2010 at 6:30 am

@Melissa — Enjoy your Core Fusion abs!! I certainly am! :)


4 Eirinn June 19, 2010 at 8:23 am

Summer Fridays are the best! My good friend Jen and I make a habit of doing something together, yesterday it happened to be catching some rays at a lake beach near us. It was about 104 in the sun yesterday here (40 mins south of Boston), we had to get in the water to cool off!


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