Hump Day Treat: Chocolate Raspberry Jell-O Cake with Homemade Cool Whip

by Rachel on June 30, 2010

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So Monday was my grandma’s birthday and my mom asked me at like…2 PM if I was planning to make a cake. After the creamy dreamy chocolate cake I made last year with the world’s best frosting, I can see why she’d want me to get on that again. But what to have?

We started brainstorming ideas and then she said that she kinda wanted to make a Jell-O cake. I supported that idea and asked that she look for something besides Cool Whip to top it with. After all, I’m pretty sure Cool Whip, though delicious, has more chemicals than a can of hairspray.

Seriously — check out this nasty experiment in which Cool Whip is left out for twelve days. I could not, in good faith, by Cool Whip after seeing that!

She asked me if I just wanted to make the Cool Whip and I found a recipe on CDKitchen and worked on that while she made the Jell-o cake. There’s probably a real recipe for Jell-O cakes out there, but we just sort of made this one up…and it tasted juuuust fine!


One box of chocolate cake mix (or make it from scratch if you’re more ambitious)

One box raspberry Jell-O

1 teaspoon gelatin

2 tsp cold water

3 tbsp boiling water

1/2 cup ice water

1/2 cup nonfat dry milk

3 tbsp sugar

3 tbsp oil

Thawed frozen raspberries

This Is How We Do It

First, chill a small mixing bowl. Meanwhile, soften the gelatin with 2 teaspoons cold water, then add the boiling water, stirring until gelatin is completely dissolved.

This step smelled kinda gross, but I surmised it must be the horses.

Set the gelatin aside and let it cool a bit. Then put the ice water and nonfat dry milk in the chilled bowl. Beat at high speed until the mixture forms stiff peaks. Add the sugar, still beating, then the oil and gelatin.

It’s times like these when I’m so happy to have my Kitchen-Aid, Betty. We all know that beating anything for 15 minutes straight makes a girl’s hand get tired.

Put it in the freezer about 15 minutes and then transfer to the refrigerator until ready for use.

While that’s chillin’, get to the cake! Make the chocolate cake and the Jell-O according to the package directions. Let the cake cool in the fridge for a bit — you don’t want it to cook the Jell-O.

Poke holes in the cake throughout with a toothpick and then pour the Jell-O over the cake, letting it soak in.

You can kinda play it by ear on how much Jell-O to use; we didn’t use the entire batch. You don’t want to drown it. Put the cake in the fridge and let it hang out for about two hours. Then frost it with the whip and top with the raspberries.

And then, I don’t know…DIE?

Really, the cake was just great! The raspberry flavor was right on and the whipped topping and the berries were just a great combo.

You can make this with any flavor of cake or Jell-O, so get creative. It was a very good birthday cake…ahhh very, very good. (I’m reminiscing and getting a really dreamy look on my face.)

Happy Hump Day!

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1 Elizabeth June 30, 2010 at 2:08 pm

This cake looks awesome! I will admit the word ‘Jell-O’ in the title didn’t immediately grab me, but damn – that last picture changed my mind!


2 Rachel Marlena June 30, 2010 at 2:30 pm

“This step smelled kinda gross, but I surmised it must be the horses”

Did you ever read the Julie/Julia project? When she got to aspics in the book she made her own gelatin and said the whole kitchen smelled like a tannery — haven’t eaten Jell-o or gelatin since. The cake looks AMAZING, though I am actually dreaming of making the cake in last year’s link. :)


3 Trinidad Pena June 30, 2010 at 3:02 pm

@ Elizabeth – I thought the same thing! It went from Jello? to HELLO! I will be making this! I just sent this link to myself!


4 amanda June 30, 2010 at 6:21 pm

Ohhhh that looks super yummy. Have you ever made Better than Sex cake before??


5 D June 30, 2010 at 8:21 pm

Hi, I have a spinning question! I’ve done quite a few classes but right now I’m just making up my own workouts on the spin bikes at the gym because I can’t fit actual classes into my schedule. Anyway, I don’t know if my form is wrong or something (or if it’s supposed to be like this) but my arms and shoulders always KILL. I feel like I’m getting more of an upper back workout than leg and ass workout. Is this supposed to be happening? Also, do you still teach spin in Ann Arbor?


6 Dori June 30, 2010 at 9:42 pm

Literal LOL at “We all know that beating anything for 15 minutes straight makes a girl’s hand get tired.”

Yes, I know too well.

The cake looks delicious!


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