Rachel Getting Hungry: Ruggles Grill

by Rachel on August 16, 2010

After starting off things off at Beavers, I continued my “getting to know Houston” weekend with another great dining experience!

One of the great things about changing your address is that the USPS sends you a bunch of coupons when you do so. One of the coupons I got was for Restaurant.com. That site already has a ton of good deals, but this coupon code allowed me to get a $25 gift card for…$2.

Um, no questions! I had to use it. But where to go? There were so many restaurants to choose from! I browsed a few but when I came across Ruggles, I remembered that Eric’s roommate had recommended it to us before. After checking out their website, I found out they are all about good food karma. Everything is local and organic and they are super green. Done and done.

You must know this: I am the most indecisive person on the planet, but it’s really bad with food. I can stare at a menu for a half hour. I’ve been known to flag down the waiter and change an order. So when the menu has this much good food…I’m in trouble. Eric eventually told me I had a minute to make a decision and then he was taking the menu away from me. He did this a few weeks ago and it’s a practice I find extremely unfair and mean, albeit pretty effective.

I wanted something light, so I got the Ruggles goat cheese salad: sun-dried tomatoes, toasted almonds, warm local goat cheese, fresh apples and “local live hydroponic mixed greens.” And I decided to embrace my love of soup and get the corn chowder, which was topped with corn crab salsa and sweet potato organic hemp crisps.

I finally ordered, but I was practically in tears over all the delicious things I couldn’t order. Eric assured me that we could come back some other time. But after the waiter left, I got really upset at myself for ordering lunch food at dinner time, berated myself for not getting chicken or lamb, and pouted for five minutes until my food came.

And then I stopped being upset.

It was so good. Not lunch food at all really. It was light but it was just…good. Just good, real food. I loved every bite and seriously did not want to stop eating, even though I knew I was full. I could have sat there all night and then licked my plate.

After dinner, the waiter brought around the dessert tray, which was totally ridiculous (good ridiculous though). Another go-round of indecisiveness ensued, but I was actually able to make a decision pretty easily. I wanted to stick with our original plan and get gelato!

The flavors were different at Paciugo on Saturday night (the first time I went there was one of my first dates with Eric when I had the violet and black pepper flavors). This time I went for three flavors: sea salt caramel, vanilla, and hazelnut.

So delicious.

And…now I need to be done.

Seriously, I need to take a break from all this good food! (I haven’t even gotten into the goat-cheese figs that I made on Sunday evening.) I’m feeling rather sluggish today and I know it’s because I fooded a little too hard this weekend. All that wine and cheese and bread and cream is catching up to me.

But…it’s the last week of Houston Restaurant Week! I want to stop, but I don’t want to stop at all!

Why must our actions have consequences?! WHY WHY WHY?

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1 Lauren August 16, 2010 at 4:33 pm

They just put a Paciugo in near my apartment….I’ve been dyingggg to go!!!


2 Sophie @ yumventures August 16, 2010 at 8:53 pm

OMG you and I are the same person. I always have to order last in a restaurant. I need to base my food ordering decision on A) the menu and B) what everyone else is getting. I also try to look at other people’s plates as I’m walking around the restaurant to see what just looks good. Then I must debate what I cannot make at home vs. what is good locally vs. have I ever tried this before?. There is such a tactic when it comes to ordering. And yes, I often have orderer’s remorse, but my mom has declared I always pick the best meal, so too bad I always have to order last so no one else knows what to get :)


3 Summer August 16, 2010 at 10:54 pm

God, that looks amazing! It took me a looong time to be ok with being by myself—in restaurants, in movies, and so on. But once you do it once, it’s so liberating! My sister is getting over a recent divorce and moved to a much, much bigger city, all by herself. Once I talked her into dining solo, she feels so much more independent. So glad to hear all is well out west!


4 Smash August 19, 2010 at 10:06 am

Try the pistachio gelato at Pachugo next time. I swear it’s life changing. That sea salt caramel is to die for also.


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