Lesson #45: How My Family Does Costumes

by Rachel on October 29, 2010

Good morning, real and imaginary friends, family, and hate-followers!

I just did a Drive of Shame back to my apartment from Eric’s, where I ended up staying last night after our costume errands/butternut squash pizza/rum and cider evening ran a little late. I have to finish packing, run errands on my way into work, and have everything ready to go before our flight this afternoon! It feels like the morning of Christmas Eve over here, but it’s fitting, given how much my family gets into Halloween.

I know I haven’t posted much about my costume yet; it’s because I was waiting to show you fabulous pictures. This morning, I have some pictures. My costume is currently under construction at home, and, well my mom hasn’t quite mastered the art of using her digital camera, so all I have are the pictures she’s been texting me.

But we’ll get to my costume and Eric’s costume in a minute. I knew our costumes would be the last ones done, once my mom had finished the costumes for my brother Preston and my cousins Ella and Colin.

Preston’s costume plans always change several times. What usually happens is that he says what he wants to dress up as, and then my mom says, “Uh, no son of mine is going to wear such a lame costume” and then they work out some sort of compromise where he can be what he wants to be and my mom can go bananas on the design. That’s what happened this year when he said he wanted to be a rocket ship. Actually, it started when he said he wanted to be Darth Vadar. When my mom told me that on the phone, I couldn’t help myself — I screamed, “No fucking way! Not in this family!” My mom turned to him and said, “Preston, Zsas says you can’t be Darth Vadar for Halloween”…the next thing I heard was some extremely overdramatic screaming and crying on their end.

Anyway, Darth Vadar led to him wanting to be a rocket ship, but he couldn’t be any old rocket ship. He could, however, be a rocket scientist — that is a rocket costume, accessorized with nerd glasses and a lab coat. I think the effect will be a lot better once he’s actually in the costume, but here’s the first peek.

Now, the only problem was that my mom being, well, my mom, wanted to make everything over-the-top and so she didn’t get it finished on time for the first Halloween event on Sunday night. But in my family, you can have more than one Halloween costume, and Preston usually does because the huge-ass set pieces that she constructs for trick-or-treating and contest purposes aren’t exactly the best for a school party. So Preston wore his back-up costume: Indiana Jones. Meanwhile, my mom had been keeping herself busy making Ella’s Queen of Hearts costume.

And then baby Colin was a little card to complement Ella.

Adorable. He is the sweetest, squishiest little marshmallow of a baby!

With that taken care of, I started turning up the pressure on my mom re: her other child. I knew that my costume would be last though; the fact is, she’d rather do just about anything than sew a dress for me, so she got to Eric’s costume first.

I’ve had this year’s Halloween costume planned since last year. It’s something I wanted to be for years but the timing was just never right. I knew this was going to be my year. I was going to be a sexy deer.


Don’t say it can’t be done. Deer are sexy. All I needed was a brown mini dress, a cute tail, and a huge rack — you know, really fabulous antlers that my mom could build. I was so excited. After all, where I’m from, everyone wants to bag a buck.

I was discussing this with my family and Eric when I was in Michigan for my birthday. Well, honestly, I was just telling Eric that he was going to need to be a hunter if he planned on spending Halloween with me. But through that discussion, we came up with a better idea: instead of dressing up as a hunted deer, I could be a deer in headlights…and Eric could be the truck that was going to hit me.

Therefore, my mom’s assignment was to turn my boyfriend into a semi truck with working headlights. So this week, we took care of getting him a plaid shirt and a hat.

Meanwhile, my mom was all over making his semi-truck costume. It’s not quite done yet — the thing with my mom is that the amazingness comes in the details, and the truck doesn’t have any yet — but here’s the first glimpse we got last night.

Exhaust pipes, windshield wipers, a license plate, mudflaps, and a horn…there’s so much more to come for this costume. With my mom, the fun is really in the details, so I can’t wait to see the finished product!

And as for me…well, as I predicted, my costume is still being made. I fully expect to find my grandmother chained to the sewing machine on Saturday afternoon before the party, trying to get it finished. But luckily, I do have my nice rack ready to go.

All right, peops, I am out — I am working this morning and then Eric and I are heading to the airport! Leah is picking us up in Detroit tonight and we’re going to go out for some fall fun in Ann Arbor and stay the night with her before heading back to Grand Blanc on Saturday morning. It’s 54 degrees in Houston this morning FINALLY and I am so ready for the Halloweekend!

Have an awesome Friday!