I’ll Stick to Writing About Food

by Rachel on November 13, 2010

When it comes to food, I definitely don’t write about everything I cook or eat. I mean, I know a commenter told me, “Stick to writing about food,” when I got too “political” on election day, but…I just can’t help myself! If I only posted about food, I wouldn’t have nearly enough time to write about the other important aspects of my life, like why I love Twitter and how I get my hair so big.

Anyway, I know how much everyone hates my “crass, media-driven topics,” so today I thought I’d go back to just writing about food. Because, like all women, my place is in the kitchen. Not talking politics. Even when “talking politics” means “talking about which parties you’d rather bang,” I’m still not allowed to do it. Even though I’ve written about politics before and won a major scholarship for my efforts? No? Still not OK with my anonymously commenting friends?

Well, all right, then. I’ll stick to writing about food.

Here are some my favorite recent recipes! Prepare your grocery list accordingly.

Leah’s Dad’s Chicken Soup

I wasn’t feeling too well a few weeks ago and decided to make this soup. Leah swears by it, and I think everyone should have a chicken soup recipe they swear by, right? It definitely lived up to her description. I used chicken thighs and bone-in chicken breasts, plus the veggies and herbs she suggested. And she’s so right — you really do not need any carbs in it. The first time I had it, I ate it over whole wheat orzo, but after that, I didn’t bother; I just dipped a nice chewy roll in it. Heavenly, and pretty no-fuss to make.

Enchiladas inspired by Cooking Light and Eat, Live, Run — her recipe and her mom’s recipe.

I don’t know why I woke up one day and decided I had to make enchiladas. I am not even sure if I’d ever even eaten them before.

Because I didn’t know what they were supposed to taste like, I read three different recipes and took the things I liked from each. I also added black beans. I certainly enjoyed them, although that wouldn’t have meant they tasted like enchiladas. But Eric happened to come over for dinner that night and he said enchiladas are one of his favorite foods — and he approved these, so I guess that means they tasted right!

Jessica’s Crunchy Chicken Fingers and Roasted Green Bean Fries

How Sweet It Is is one of my favorite food blogs. Not only do Jessica’s recipes look incredible (red velvet cookies?!), but she keeps it real whilst cooking for herself and her meat-loving-man. Not only does she keep it real with real food, but also with real funny stories of married life. (I love the day she sent the Mr. to the grocery store and he came back with meat. Just meat. Like, a lot of meat.) I finally decided to de-lurk and start cooking some of her recipes, so I started with this one. The chicken was easy and really tasty. I put the leftover chicken fingers in a tortilla the next night with some cheese and honey mustard for my own spin on the Detroit classic: the chicken finger pita. I didn’t think the green beans tasted like fries, but they were a good new way to eat geebees nonetheless. Hmm…and I wasn’t going to cook today but now I kinda want to make those red velvet cookies.

Cauliflower Soup

Every Friday, Central Market has cheddar cauliflower soup and I love it. But it’s really dairy-heavy, and although it’s worth a box of Lactaid, I wanted to see if I could make a still-creamy dairy-free version. This recipe is good, but I think I’m spoiled from the Central Market soup. Recently Cabot sent me some of their new single-serving cheeses to try, so I melted one of the garlic-herb slices in the soup and that gave it more of the taste I was going for. I definitely recommend adding cheese if you make it.

The Pioneer Woman’s Spicy Roasted Chicken Legs

I used to be afraid of The Pioneer Woman’s recipes because she cooked with butter. And she didn’t post calorie counts! WHAT?! Well…I’m glad I have seen the light. Instead of using chicken legs for this recipe, I used two pounds of chicken thighs and then halved the recipe for the butter mixture. Don’t freak out about the butter; most of it dripped off when the chicken was roasting, but I was still left with some of the juiciest chicken I’ve ever eaten. This chicken recipe is a perfect example of how simple, inexpensive foods can be delicious, filling, and make you just feel nourished. I can see this becoming a go-to chicken recipe for years to come. She’s sold me on her blog and I can’t wait to get her cookbook.

All right, well, I feel much better having gone back to just writing about food. I’m so glad someone reminded me that that’s all I’m good at.