Living in Sin: Sofa King Cool

by Rachel on May 6, 2011

Over the past few weeks, Eric and I have been working on the apartment, getting it closer to feeling “done.”

The kitchen was pretty boring — all white with wood accents and a couple shots of blue (the clock, the kitchen timer, and my blue butter crock). Last weekend we bought some small Texas accessories to play off that.

The towel and the longhorn picture holder (which works perfectly as both a recipe holder and a ring holder!) are from Kohl’s and the salt and pepper shakers are from a store in the mall that carries all Texas merchandise.

I was loving what these little additions did for the apartment, but still, it just felt empty without a couch. There’s something weird about your living room looking like this.

Not only did it not feel like a living room, but it also didn’t function like a living room. Sure, we could lie on the floor to watch TV, but it just wasn’t comfortable. We spent a lot of our down time lying in bed…which is comfortable and all (OMG SO COMFORTABLE after the new mattress and pillow top Eric bought last weekend!), but sometimes you just don’t want to lie in bed, you know? Especially if you are a little sticky from a recent workout. (Which we both have been lately!)

And even if you’re freshly showered, who wants to spend all her time within the four walls of the bedroom anyway? I certainly don’t.

Not to mention the fact that our bedroom doesn’t have DVR or OnDemand so we could look at all the amazing shows DirecTV has to offer…but could only watch them from the living room floor.

After three weeks of these white people problems, we were getting a little antsy.

The good news was our couch became available two weeks earlier than Rooms to Go had originally promised us, so the countdown to Cinco de Mayo was on! Not for the tequila, but for the sofa.

(Every time I write things like that, I mourn the death of my youth a little more.)

Finally, it was upon us! I spent yesterday working from home eagerly awaiting the furniture delivery. And come yesterday afternoon, it happened!


And not just any couch…a grown-up couch that makes the living room feel like a living room!

An (almost) complete living room!

We can’t get our free TV until five days after the last piece of furniture is delivered (next Tuesday!) and so the entertainment center remains a little incomplete. We’re also waiting to deal with the cluster of ugly cords that need a serious Container Store makeover. And we’re planning to hang some amazing art by an Austin artist whose work we saw at the art festival last fall, but we haven’t chosen which piece we want yet.

Still, though, that’s sprinkles on top what I consider a fully baked, delicious, already frosted with buttercream cake. I can live without art for a couple more weeks because I’m so exited to have a place to sit in the living room!

To celebrate our new couch, I decided to make a special treat for dinner — homemade pizza. I used the Eat, Live, Run recipe for the best pizza dough ever and followed the Pioneer Woman’s Caramelized Onion & Prosciutto Pizza recipe for the toppings. While the pizza was baking, I sauteed asparagus in the fat from a slice of bacon plus little butter (!!) and then gave it a healthy dose of sea salt and freshly ground black pepper.

And then we feasted while watching OnDemand episodes of season four of “Californication” (FINALLY!)…

…and raising a glass to an apartment with better seating arrangements!

We really should have celebrated by sitting on the couch while we ate, but I didn’t think it was a good idea to bring the hurricane to the couch on its first night, especially given the greasy nature of the food.

Even though we had to eat at the table, dinner was ridiculously good. The Pioneer Woman knows her pizza (see also the BBQ Chicken Pizza that is still one of my favorite recipes of all time!) and this one was incredible. And the asparagus was perfection — bacon fat + butter is the way to go when it comes to green veggies. That little combo plus the full-fat cheese and generous amount of olive oil used on the onions meant one slice was seriously filling…but we split a third slice because it was just so good. The only reason we didn’t eat more was because we were saving room for ice cream.

(Well, also, I was thinking “Be stuffed…or be stuffed?” and decided I rather christen the new couch than eaten more pizza.)

(But I didn’t christen it because I’m a lady. And because, well, if you can’t eat pizza on it, you most certainly can’t bang on it. I’m not e-mailing “Real Simple” to ask how to get those stains out of my leather couch.)

(But something tells me that eventually on this blog I’ll start to tackle those very topics. In five years, it’s going to be like Good Housekeeping meets Cosmo and I’ll finally fulfill my destiny to be the girl who is — in Eric’s words — “what would happen if Chelsea Handler and Oprah scissored.”)

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