NSFW FTW: My Top 10 NSFW Posts

by Rachel on September 2, 2011

In honor of my SXSW panel picker proposal on having a job when you have an internet presence that is not safe for work, I thought I’d share my ten least safe for work posts today.

“Not safe for work” has always been a funny concept to me. I never label posts as such because, well…it depends on where you work…and how fast you can minimize your browser.

Anyway, here are some of my favorite not safe for your typical workplace posts and videos!


I’d Fuck a Republican — I Just Wouldn’t Vote for One

Why I Read Cosmo

The Reverse Cowgirl

Boomerang Boom Boom


Losing Your Virspinity

Bangover 911

I’ve Got a Heart On

What I Think About During Long Runs

Faking It

How to Vajazzle

If you’re not in a place where you can read them right now, enjoy over the long weekend when you aren’t at work!

Questions for discussion (we’re having such good ones already this week…let’s keep our streak alive!): Do you work somewhere where you worry about “NSFW” material on the web? How do you (or your employer) define NSFW? If you use social media, how do you keep things SFW? 

One last thing: today is the last day to vote for my proposal for SXSW Panel Picker — NSFW FTW: Being Authentic and Being Employed. Please give it a thumbs up on the SXSW site if you haven’t already!