Sunday Funday

by Rachel on October 23, 2011

It’s actually not just a fun Sunday; this has been the most fun weekend I’ve had in a while!

Here’s what I’ve been up to:

Saturday morning Eric and I ate bagels and cream cheese while catching up on this week’s “Psych” which was hilarious — one of the funniest episodes I’ve seen in a long time. Then I put white chicken chili in the Crock-Pot while I went shopping all over town.

I went to Home Goods, where I bought a large serving bowl…

(It’s currently serving up the few fun-size candy bars that are left over from the two bags Eric and I bought last weekend, when we walked into Walgreens and were suddenly like, OH! It’s almost Halloween! Shall we partake in the tradition of stuffing ourselves with mini candies? Crazy to forget a tradition like that, I know, but it’s really easy for the holidays to just slip your mind when it’s 80 degrees outside.)

When I got home from my day of fun errands, I made a big batch of my favorite Halloween trail mix and then Eric and I made pumpkin butterscotch cookies.

I set the mood by lighting some candles in the new candelabra I bought at Target…

Then we made homemade bourbon pumpkin pie milkshakes in my new tumblers (also from Target) to have with our chili (which seems to get even more delicious every time I make it)…

skull tumblers target

Then we watched “Bad Teacher” (pretty funny!) and the end of the MSU football game. You guys know how I feel about watching sports on TV, but I’m glad I decided to start watching college football last night because that game was awesome.

Today I’m writing, cleaning, running errands/shopping, and then going on a movie date tonight!

What have you been up to this weekend? Anything fun to share?

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