Wet Wednesday

by Rachel on November 2, 2011

It’s the first Wet Wednesday in November and there is just so much to be hot and bothered about today!


Southwestern soup & apple cider margaritas. OK, this? Is an awesome 20-minute dinner. It feels so fancy! Leah has been telling me to make this 15-minute Southwestern soup for a few weeks and I finally got the supplies. While I was at it, I bought the apple cider necessary for Jessica’s apple cider margs. I had no intention of making them together but then last night, I thought…Why not? Seems kinda perfect to me! And oh…it was.

The margarita…well, first, you can barely taste the alcohol. It’s got a warm and sweet flavor; it’s not sour like a lot of margaritas are. And the cinnamon sugar rim job is just out of this world! Mrs. How Sweet is officially the Margarita Whisperer. As for the soup, it’s unlike any other soup I can think of. It’s not tortilla soup, it’s not chicken chili…it’s just something else entirely and it’s so good! Both had such minimal ingredients and were crazy simple to make — seriously, 20 minutes — but the whole meal (along with some tortilla chips and guacamole) felt like it took a considerable amount of effort. I love food like that! I had leftover soup for lunch today and I’m currently using up some more of that apple cider in my margarita.

Mindy Kaling’s Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns). Mindy Kaling is my hero. No joke — I really look up to her. It’s not very often that I pre-order a book, but I ordered this one last month because I was so excited about it. For some reason, I thought it came out November 11, so I was really excited when it showed up on my Kindle at midnight on Monday. It was like finding $5 in your pocket! (I mean, I assume that is what it was like…I tend to never carry cash and what can $5 honestly buy these days?) I’m starting it tomorrow night but I couldn’t be more excited. If you aren’t aware of what a great writer Mindy Kaling is just from watching “The Office,” please read some recent wonderful articles by her: Why You Need a Man, Not a Boy and Flick Chicks.

Big-ass tattoos. I’m still wearing a huge temporary tattoo of a rose on my arm from my Beckinfield Halloween video and I’m kinda into it! I don’t plan on getting another tattoo any time soon (OK, for a couple years) and if/when I do, it won’t be this big or even in that spot, but this makes me want really another one…that big and in that spot. It’s kinda sexy!


Kim Kardashian’s “divorce.” (I’m calling it a “divorce” because I refuse to acknowledge their “marriage” as legit.) Is anyone not annoyed by this? Probably not. I’m hesitant to even bring it up because she doesn’t need any more attention at this point, but I’d just like to make this EXHIBIT A in Rachel Wilkerson v. Anti-gay Marriage People Who Get on a High Horse About ‘Preserving the Sanctity of Marriage’. Seriously, this spoiled, stupid fame whore who everyone calls “business-savvy” and “hard working” because she turned her sex tape into a billion-dollar enterprise has now said, “Oops! OMG JK, we tried!!” after 72 days of marriage and expects people to just forgive that? And, OK, if she really is that business-savvy, please explain to me how this is good for business?! If there was anyone out there taking her seriously before, I cannot imagine they will now. This whole thing just makes me sad and angry for humanity. And “marriage defenders”? Please put more effort into banning people in Hollywood from getting married and let the two God-fearing dudes who have been together for 20 years just make it official already.

I think I had some more things for the Bothered list but now I’m seriously so pissed off about this “marriage” and “divorce” that I think I need to just quit now.

What’s on your list today?