The Life: Some Thoughts on Thanksgiving

by Rachel on November 19, 2011

I’m really happy it’s the weekend, but honestly, I just want the weekend to be over because I’m really looking forward to my road trip on Wednesday with Eric and the dogs to Wichita, where I’m spending Thanksgiving again this year.

I never really liked Thanksgiving. Maybe it’s because my family is ridiculous during holidays, or maybe it’s because none of the food really thrills me, but yeah…it’s just never been my thing. While it’s a good idea to have a holiday between Halloween and Christmas, I always kind of thought of Thanksgiving as a white guilt holiday that isn’t even associated with fun decor. Like…why bother?

But this year…I’m actually excited. I’m excited to take a 10-hour road trip to Kansas and hang out with Eric’s family, to make Jess’s grown-up hot chocolate with homemade Bailey’s marshmallows, and to wear my new sweater from Anthropolgie every single day.

I think I’m so excited for Thanksgiving this year because last year was so much fun.There was a 10-hour road trip. Cold weather. A family watching football. And I shot a potato gun.

This year should be even better. First, I won’t be as nervous as I was last year. Last year was my first time meeting Eric’s family and I had no idea what to expect. (His grandpa handed him a condom after dinner on Thanksgiving. Definitely wasn’t expecting that!) But since I pretty much decided during our trip to the Ozarks that I like Eric’s mom and aunt better than I like him, I’m really, really looking forward to hanging out with them. I’m also excited because instead of shooting a potato gun, this year, I might be shooting a real gun. (Fingers crossed!)

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It also occurred to me last night that since Black Friday is next week, I should probably decide what Christmas gifts I’m getting people, so I’ll know if I need to take part in anything that looks like this.

Just kidding…I buy pretty much everything from Amazon when I get my last paycheck before Christmas. If I’m up at 4 AM on Black Friday, it will simply be to finance my Christmas shopping by selling Krispy Kreme donuts and coffee to the desperate people in line at Target at a wildly-inflated price.

Important questions to discuss:

1. Are you a fan of Thanksgiving?

2. What are your plans for this year?

3. Are you going to slide tackle a soccer mom at Target in an effort to get a $5 DVD player? (No judgments!)