The Life: The Friday Social

by Rachel on January 27, 2012

Good morning! I was up way too early today and couldn’t really sleep so I thought I’d start the Friday social early. I’ll probably do that more often, just because I’m sure at least a few of you would rather be chatting here than doing any real work on a Friday. Also, I actually have plans for this evening! I rarely have plans on Friday nights beyond my iPad and but tonight Eric and I are going out for a nice steak dinner.

Here’s what I have to share this week!

Brain Food

Don’t Carpe Diem. This article is about not worrying about seizing every moment when you have kids, but I think it applies to, well, any time in your life. It’s easy to beat yourself up for not being happy all the time, but I really liked the author’s take on chronos vs. kairos.

Seven Rules for Intentional Love. Some of these you’ve heard before but I really like the idea of having two games. Like the author, I’m hoping Words With Friends counts.

Having Trouble Getting Yourself to Write? Nine Tips. I’m going to keep these in mind as I continue to  try to improve my writing.

3 Days, 288 Ounces of Juice… I love Nicole’s blog and this post had me cracking up. I’d read a lot of first-person accounts of doing cleanses before, but never one like this. She is hysterical.

Also, I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned ‘zite here yet, but it’s a reading app that creates “magazines” for you based on the interests you select (like cooking, health and fitness, sports, wine, etc.) by curating content from all over the web. For those of you who use Flipboard, it’s similar, but I like it a lot better than Flipboard because I’ve found that the content it pulls is just a better fit for me. It’s helped me discover a lot of new articles and blogs over the past month or so since I started using it. I also love all the social tools, especially the function to clip articles directly to Evernote.

Food Food

I’ve been trying more new recipes lately…this week I had more misses than I would have liked.

Can You Stay For Dinner’s 300 Calorie Oatmeal. I had wanted to try this for a while; you basically add in fluffy egg whites to give your oatmeal more protein. I use vanilla protein powder when I eat oatmeal now, and I like that the vanilla flavor adds enough sweetness that I don’t have to load it up with a ton of fruit or other sugary toppings. Still, I figured I’d give this a try. It tasted just like regular oatmeal — which is to say, pretty bland. If you like your oatmeal sweet, you’ll still need to add all the toppings. Also, four egg whites seems like a lot to me for just one breakfast.

Slow cooker smoky beef and bean chili and green chili cheddar cheese cornbread. I had been looking for a new chili recipe and this one from the February issue of Real Simple’s is great. You make it in the slow cooker, which is always a win for me. Yum. This will be my new go-to recipe. And this was my second time making the cornbread and it was a win once again.

Creamy Cajun chicken pasta. Eric made this on one of his nights to cook this week; I thought it seemed simple enough but his take was “This is not a beginner’s recipe.” After all the work he apparently went through, it was decent but not amazing; I don’t know that I’d be that interested in having it again.

Dinner on Wednesday night was a bit of a disaster. I put this orange chicken in the slow cooker around noon; the recipe said to cook it for 5-6 hours. When I checked it at 6:00, it looked great. But by 7:00 when Eric got home, it had turned black and shriveled up. Eric tried his and said “it wasn’t so bad.” I took one bite and said, “Are you crazy? We can’t eat this.” I was really pissed at myself for not being more careful because I hate to waste food…and I had been looking forward to eating it all day! I’ll definitely give the recipe another try though; I’ll just probably only cook it for five hours next time to be on the safe side. Since eating that was out of the question, I grabbed the leftover Cajun pasta and warmed it up…and took one bite and actually spit it out. Something about that chicken just did not taste right the next day. So it was back to the fridge…and this time, to the freezer. For a DiGiorno.

Oh well.

If anyone’s curious why I don’t post more than a few recipes here, when there are obviously more meals to be eaten in a week, it’s just because the rest of my meals usually are either leftovers from the recipes I share here, recipes I’ve already shared before, or some form of eggs and bacon.

All right, it’s an open thread so you know what to do. Let’s hang out!