{the life} The Soup That Was & The Yoga That Was Not

by Rachel on February 28, 2012

Yesterday I got up early to write before work, went straight to work, where I was very busy, and then came home and continued writing and doing what I call “desk errands” (doing tasks like booking flights, paying bills online, etc). By the time I was done with everything I needed to do, it had been a very long day and I was fighting a 24-hour virus: a case of the Mondays.

So I decided to really cook.

What I wanted to do was go to yoga, but it was just not happening last night, no matter how I looked at the schedule. Since it was my night to cook, I decided that would have to be my exercise and stress relief. But the only way I was going to achieve that is if I really cooked.

I’ll be honest: in the past couple weeks, I’ve been phoning it in when it comes to cooking. I’m still cooking, but the slow cooker has been my saving grace. And that’s not a terrible thing — I mean, the slow cooker is awesome — but it sort of takes away the process of cooking. And the process of cooking is, for me, as important as the finished meal.

So I got out all the ingredients to make soup from (mostly) scratch. Mini chicken meatball soup, to be exact. And then I spent an hour in the kitchen just having at it.

Eric came home from CrossFit midway through the cooking process and we chatted about our days. By the time the soup was ready, I felt almost as good as if I’d gone to yoga. (Oh and the soup? Was awesome. I make a lot of Jess’s recipes and I really think this was one of her best!) I think whether it’s yoga or cooking or taking the dogs on a long walk, I just need some sort of unplugged activity each day to really recharge.

I actually felt so recharged that I decided to get up early to go to yoga today.

I’ve actually been doing really well with my efforts to revive my morning person personality in the past few weeks. Eric and I have been getting up every day at 6:00 and taking the dogs for a long walk. By the time we get back, I’m too awake to go back to sleep. I feel like it’s getting easier and I’m waking up faster.

That said, I still haven’t been able to get to the yoga studio that early. But I finally felt like I was ready, like I’d been training for it. I was in bed at 10:30, last night which meant I really should have no problems getting up for the 6:30 class. Even though it was downtown, I was determined to go.

And I did go. I woke up easily when my alarm went off and didn’t fight getting up. I got dressed, grabbed some of the cashew milk that Eric made last night (using a recipe similar to this one), and headed out in the rain. I blasted the Spin Doctors “Two Princes” and other upbeat 90s music to get myself pumped as I made the 35-minute drive. I actually was kinda pumped. I was going to have hot yoga done by 7:30 AM! I knew how proud I was going to feel and I was actually really excited.

And then I got there at 6:20, as The Outfield’s “Your Love” was ending. I grabbed my yoga bag and headed to the door and…it was locked. Well that’s weird, I thought. I thought this was the first class of the day, but, judging by the cars in the parking lot and the locked door, there is a very full class currently in progress. I assumed it was about to let out, so I sat down on a bench to wait. And waited. And then I checked the schedule on my phone, just to be sure my class was going to start at 6:30.

And…nope. It started at 6:00. Why did I tell myself it started at 6:30? I have no idea.

When I got back in my car to drive home, my upbeat 90s music mood had ended. I switched to a different playlist and the first song I clicked on was “Maldito Alcohol.” I threw my car into reverse as the first lines of the song started and it was such a contrast to the music I had been listening to on the way there, and it matched my mood perfectly — so perfectly, it actually made me laugh, and I got over the whole waste of time and missed workout right then and there.

I really expected to be able to say that I had done more by 8 AM today than just drive around Houston for an hour listening to music, but whatever. I’m actually just really excited about the fact that I did it. I got up early. I got out the door. I went to yoga. My morning person personality is all “Don’t call it a comeback!” but…it totally is!