{the life} April Goals

by Rachel on April 3, 2012

Audrey Hepburn UmbrellaI’m pretty happy to see the start of a new month! Starting in mid-February, I feel like my life has been moving way too fast for my taste and I’ve been looking forward to getting a chance to breathe come April. Now that it’s arrived, it feels like a good time to come up with a couple new mini-goals.

Pitch at least one story a week. I’ve been doing well with pushing myself to write more, and this month, I want to start taking that to a new level by focusing on pitching new publications and blogs. Normally I just do it haphazardly, but getting more organized in this area just makes a lot more sense.

Take at least one weekend yoga class. I cannot wait to get back to yoga this month! I’ve gone once in the past month and it’s driving me crazy. But my pitching skills actually paid off in a big way for me a couple weeks ago when my yoga studio asked me if I’d be interested in writing blog posts for them in exchange for free yoga classes. Um, yes please! I’m totally thrilled because I couldn’t afford to take yoga classes right now otherwise. (Do not underestimate the power of bartering if you’re strapped for cash!)┬áNow that I have an unlimited membership again, I’m ready to get back to going four times a week, and I want to make sure one of those classes is a weekend class. It shouldn’t be that hard, but a lot of times I just talk myself out of weekend yoga classes. If I could start doing two of my four classes on the weekends that would be amazing, but I’ll start with aiming for one.

What are your goals for April? Anyone else feeling energized by the fact that it’s now spring??