{the life} My Hot & Heavy Saturday Night

by Rachel on April 9, 2012

My weekend was amazingly relaxing. I had Thursday and Friday off of work for the holiday and it couldn’t have come at a better time. I was so lazy and slept so much; it was glorious.

I did re-join civilization on Saturday evening for a friend date with my new friend Katie, who I’ve been hanging out with for several months now. We had plans to go to Big Yoga, which I have been wanting to check out since it opened last month. One of the owners is one of my favorite instructors from the studio where I go regularly, so I expected great things — you know, like a class that ends with wine and socializing.

Yes, that’s what we were getting with their “Hot and Heavy Saturday Nights” class. From the Big Yoga website:

A Saturday night heated flow class for YOU to sweat, shake your booty, and just have a good ol’ time! After class, we will hang out, have fun, and let loose! Big Yoga will supply some wine and other tasty treats for after the class, but please feel free to BYOB as well! Let’s party!

Perfect for a friend date, right? And actually, perfect for going solo and meeting new friends too. I’ve been reading that more and more yoga studios are offering social opportunities along with classes, which I think is awesome. The easier it becomes for people to make new friends as an adult, the better.

After I got to the studio and signed in, the co-owners Nancy and Laura (who were also co-teaching the class) told me to find one of the Easter eggs hidden in the lobby and said that we’d open them during class. I found an orange egg and then headed into the studio to set up.

Oh. “Hot and heavy.” Emphasis on the hot. I didn’t realize that I was heading to a 105-degree class; if I had known that, I definitely wouldn’t have worn ankle-length leggings. I’ve only taken one hot class in my life and I was a bit nervous that I might, you know, die.

Katie showed up a bit later and we set up our mats and caught up for a little while before the class started. Then the instructors came in, turned on the music, and we started class.

And class? Was so fun. Seriously, I don’t remember ever laughing that much during a yoga class, not even other classes I’ve taken with them. Both Nancy and Laura had us cracking up and dancing to the music. And speaking of music, that was a huge bonus. I’m used to doing yoga in total silence or to sort of electronic/New Age/instrumental music. When Kanye West “Stronger” started pumping out of the speakers on Saturday, I was so excited. I didn’t realize how much I miss great music during classes. In this case, it just gave the whole class a really hip, youthful, relaxed energy.

After about 20 minutes, the instructors had us open our Easter eggs; each had a piece of paper with a number. We started a flow and then the person with number one had to shout out our next pose in the flow. We added that on and slowly went about adding more and more poses but starting from the beginning each time, like a huge memory game. By the end, it got pretty silly, but I don’t think anyone really cared — everyone just did her own thing and we all finally came to chair pose to end. Then we all sort of collapsed in a big slippery, sweaty mess on our mats. (Well, OK — I collapsed in a slippery, sweaty mess. A lot of other people had towels so they may have not slid into home quite like I did.)

After class, we caught our breath and then migrated to the lobby, where they had wine and snacks. Red wine sounded absolutely awful at that moment, but Katie and I stuck around for food and socializing. Unfortunately, the socializing was a little awkward; a lot of people just talked to their friends. I was really happy when a few people there just broke the ice by asking Katie and me our names and getting us talking. I left before Katie did and she said that I should have stuck around; when there were less people there, things got a lot more social. I am planning to go back with Katie again and both of us are comfortable going back alone if the other isn’t around. Next time I will definitely be more comfortable striking up conversations with people and I’ll plan to stick around longer.

I’m excited to have another successful friend date under my belt and the opportunity for many more Hot & Heavy Saturday Nights in the future!