{the life} What I’ve Been Eating

by Rachel on May 17, 2012

I guess I’m in a list-making kind of mood this week; now that I’ve shared what I’ve been reading and what I’ve been writing, I figured I’d share what I’ve been eating!

Mostly it’s a lot of my go-to favorites. Eric and I have started eating certain meals almost every week because, honestly, long trips to the grocery store are cramping our Lazy Sundays. Also, if it’s healthy, fast, cheap, as far as I’m concerned, it ain’t broke. But even though the ingredients for steak fajitas and spaghetti almost always appear on the grocery list, I’m still trying to throw new recipes into the mix as often as possible.

Chai banana bread from Cooking Light. I loved this bread! It turned out so well.

Soft-boiled eggs from Eat, Live, Run. I tried soft-boiled eggs for the first time back in NYC in February and was really into them. I saw this recipe last month and was excited to try it for myself. It’s definitely a process, but I’m doing pretty well with it lately. They are starting to turn out well enough that I’m actually going to reward myself for my lovely eggs by buying some of those cute and totally necessary egg cups.

Creamy vanilla bean cashew milk from How Sweet. Right after I got my juicer, Jess and I got into a conversation about cashew milk and then she went and made this perfect recipe.

Buffalo chicken meatballs from the February issue of Glamour magazine (if you don’t have the magazine, The Little Kitchen That Could has the recipe). Eric is a big fan of making meatballs on one of his nights to cook, so he made this recipe a few weeks ago. It was really easy and really good; we’re making it again this weekend.

Roasted chicken over creamy asparagus pasta from Eat, Live, Run. My asparagus went bad so I had to improvise a new sauce based on what I had in the fridge; the pasta turned out fine and the roasted chicken was really good.

“The best pasta with tomato sauce you’ll ever have” via Cup of Jo. Those are her words, not mine. This was just OK, but it looks awesome and the title is pretty ballsy, so I will accept that I may have screwed this up some how.

Creamy Tuscan white bean pasta from How Sweet. This tasted a lot like carbonara, but the beans and roasted red peppers added a nice twist.

On the menu for tonight? Steak and potatoes. Tomorrow? Tilapia burgers with watermelon salsa. Next week? Anything and everything from the June issue of Cooking Light; it’s seriously awesome.

What have you been eating lately? Any good recipes to share?