Oh, hayyy! I’m Rachel Wilkerson and this is my blog.

What’s this blog about? Well, it’s a blog about getting it. As Elizabeth Taylor once said, “It’s not the having; it’s the getting.”

It’s about getting the things I love: good real food, social media and technology, healthy relationships & sexproducts I never knew I always wanted, and workouts that make mey say “Oh!” It’s about getting the joke, getting the guy, getting everything you’ve ever wanted.

It’s about owning it — not asking for permission, not seeking approval, and not feeling so damn guilty all the time. It’s about saying “Sorry I’m not sorry” for who you are, what you do, and what you want.

I love life and I love learning lessons — those moments when a light bulb goes off and suddenly everything makes sense. It might be a new way to motivate myself to work out or it might be a new gadget I can’t live without. I figure that if those lessons help me, they could help other people too. I like being the girl people can trust to give them a straight, no-BS answer. Yes, you should buy a Magic Bullet. No, you should not gobble diet pills in an effort to get a boyfriend. You should totally fly across the country when you think you’re in love with a guy you’ve never actually met in person. Stuff like that. Those lessons are what I love sharing and what I share here.

It’s about being ridiculous…without being ridiculous.

It’s about leading a healthy, delicious life.

On my 25th birthday in August 2010, I moved to Houston, TX. For a guy I had just met. I really liked Houston and said guy, so now we’re engaged and living in sin with our two dogs.

I work as the social media and marketing chick for a start-up website, a panelist for U by Kotex Real Answers, and as a freelance writer and consultant.

In October 2012, I made the decision to stop updating this blog. You can catch up with me now at The House Always Wins!