Great Networking Tweets

Once people join Twitter, then they say they really don’t know what to say. “What’s happening?” Twitter asks. “Um, just got a latte?” you think.

Oh no.

Read my post about mindcasting vs. lifecasting to understand why you can cut the those silly Tweets. If you want to network, you need to do way more mindcasting.

Great Networking Tweets

  • Share a link. And then add a comment. Reading a news story that relates to your field? Cool, Tweet the link and say, “A must-read for all NYC teachers.”
  • Retweet something. When you’re on the Twitter homepage looking at your timeline, you’ll see the option to “reply” or “retweet.” Retweeting means sending someone else’s Tweet to all your followers. The person who sent the original Tweet will be flattered but it’s also a great way to share information…this is how ideas spread and go viral.
  • Reply to someone. Tweet @ someone else. Did someone you are following say something insightful? Perfect. Type, “@RachelGettingIt I agree! Facebook is ridiculous!!” Usually, people will Tweet back @ you and that’s how you get a conversation going. It’s crazy how fast you get to “know” people by doing this.
  • Tweet while you’re doing something industry-related. “At the Michigan education conference!”
  • Um…think of something to say. (Because I know you have thoughts!)
  • Share a link to your blog post. (Because you obviously already started a blog!!!)

Remember this: What would you say if you went to a networking event? Because that’s pretty much what you’re doing. You’d choose someone who you knew or wanted to know and you’d just say something. The potential for Twitter to help you network really stems from the fact that it can help you connect with and impress the people you can’t reach otherwise.

A Few More Tips…

  • When Tweeting for networking, remember to use hash tags! Don’t just say, “I love being a teacher!” Say, “I love being a #Colorado teacher! #education” This will really help people find you. Popularityyyy!
  • Make sure to check your replies. On the homepage, you’ll see a link that says, “@[YourTwitterHandle].” Click on it and you’ll see the people who have said things to you. Woo…you’re famous! Don’t neglect this or people will think you’re a jerk.
  • One of the best ways to manage Twitter is to download Tweetdeck on your computer. It’s a lot easier to see new Tweets to reply to as well as see your @replies.

And all your Tweets don’t have to be work-related. You can lifecast! You can be a person with a bunch of interests and Tweet with tons of different communities and networks. It’s great to show everyone you’re well-rounded. But if you are using it in a professional way, then make sure your Tweets are helping your image, not hurting it. (But I think this gets filed under, “Don’t Be Ridiculous.”) 

OK…get Tweeting and networking! Go be fabulous!

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1 Eunice May 19, 2010 at 1:16 pm

Ok, I thought Tweetdeck was an app or something. Sigh… I have so much to learn! I’ve always wondered how people with a gazillion followers still manage to respond to people. Downloading now..


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