If it weren’t for the invention of the ipod, I’d probably still weigh 200 pounds. Few things pump me up to work out like music does. I love making new playlists to inspire new fitness goals, as well as creating playlists for the group fitness classes I teach. I always choose songs that make me laugh while I’m working it.

Generally, I match my pace during a workout to the beat of the song, so all my playlists are designed with that in mind. During the fast songs, go faster. During the slower songs, slow down but up your resistance so your legs match the music. This improves your workout — and your rhythm!

All of these playlists are guaranteed to get your heart pumping.

Mochi Beats

Mama Like



Senior Year Sorostituting


Fast Times

March Madness

Come Again?

Heaven Can Wait

Insane in the Membrane

Take Your Clothes Off

The Kind of Rap That White Girls Like

Hearty for the Party

Textual Healing


Big Cities

Fashion Club

Cheap Shots

Booty Booty Booty Booty Rockin’ Everywhere

Electric Feel Running

Give My Regards to Broadway

Sleepy Time

Everything Bad is Good for You

Jock Jams Revisited


Put on a Happy Face

Green Eyed Monster


Freaky Friday

Let There Be Light

Gossip Girl

Teen Angst Reality TV

Play On, Playa

Birthday Cake Remix

Frisky Friday

A Little Night Workout

Get that Money, Girl


Morning Glory

Girl a Whirl

Boys, Boys, Boys

Rock Out

Color Me Bad

Feeling Christmassy

Ho Ho HO!

Menorah Mix

Babes in Toyland

Viva la Resolution!

Beyonce Workout


American Dream

Breakup Burn

King of Pop

Get it Girl

Sassy Salsa

Spin Class Tunes

Spin 5/13/10

Spin Class 5/3/10

Spin Class  3/22/10

Spin Class 2/8/10

Spin Class 1/20/10

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1 Monetta Harr February 24, 2010 at 3:10 pm

Hi Rachel!

E-mail me if you have a minute! I love your blog.


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