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Press Play: New for November

by Rachel on November 5, 2011

Now that I’ve made it a goal to start running again, I need new music to entertain me!

Here is what I added this week to my last new playlist.

Countdown (Beyonce)

Shake it Out (Florence + The Machine)

Sexy and I Know It (LMFAO)

Don’t Stop (Foster the People)

What I Be On (Trey Songz)

Dog Days (Florence + The Machine)

Feel it in My Bones (Tiesto ft. Tegan & Sara)

The Walk (Mayer Hawthorne) I saw him open for Chromeo last month and I really like him! They are from Detroit and this song has a great Motown vibe.

I’m off! Have a great Saturday!


Press Play: Define

September 14, 2011
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Earlier this week, I was checking out the weekly playlist from DefineBody, where I used to work out, and their selections were so great. (Not surprising — the music in their classes was always a great mix of pop, electronic, upbeat, and chill.) I was immediately inspired to hit iTunes and check out some artists I had never […]

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Press Play: Set It and Forget It

March 10, 2011

I haven’t posted a new playlist in a long time, mainly because I haven’t made a lot of new playlists lately. I’ve gone old school and…started buying whole albums. Who does that anymore, right?! Well, since I mostly exercise in classes these days, I don’t need tons of singles to power me through my workouts, […]

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Press Play: A Jolly Beat

December 7, 2010
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I currently have about seven hours of Christmas music on my computer, a duration that I’m happy to see increase each year. This year, the best addition has been a free Christmas album from Target. Julia sent it to me last week, and before I even had a chance to download it, I found myself […]

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Press Play: That Candy

October 25, 2010
sexy ipod

Whomever thought to put together two of my favorite things — Halloween and mash-ups — was a genius. I discovered the That Candy album through Mochi Beats. He has a song on it, which is actually a new version of my favorite mash-up from the original Mochi Beats album. (Seriously, the song is my ringtone.) […]

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Press Play: F*ckoff Flirt

October 15, 2010

This post is named after the song I’m currently listening to. Nothing puts me in a great mood like a Friday morning and/or really good new music! If you’re not already pumped for the weekend, I’m going to need you to get there with some new tunes. First up, we have a new mash-up from […]

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Lesson #31: Music Sharing for Broke-Ass Hoes

October 8, 2010

You guys know I love music and I’m always on the lookout for new tunes, but I also can’t afford to buy every new song that people recommend. That’s why my musically-inclined friends and I tend to e-mail each other new song obsessions on a regular basis. But it’s kind of a pain in the […]

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Press Play: A Very Special Beat

September 17, 2010

“I party like a rock star, look like a movie star, play like an all star, and f*ck like a porn star…” That is the opening to my favorite rap song, Pitbull’s “Go Girl.” From the first time I heard it, I loved it. My senior year of college, every time it came on at […]

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Press Play: I Dream of Greenie

August 13, 2010

You guys know I am always down for a guest DJ and this week, I am excited to share a playlist by one of my best blogger friends: Bess, of I Dream of Greenie! Bess is one of my best blogger friends (or “imaginary friends,” as I call you all when talking about you in […]

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Press Play: Taking Off!

August 3, 2010

For your listening pleasure (and mine) I decided to put together a good playlist to keep everyone entertained as I’m en route to Michigan today! I’m effectively ending my LDR, but these are the best songs for when you’re in one. The anticipation, the take-off, the landing, the things that happen if you wear a […]

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