Face Down, Ass Up

I love making new playlists and I love spinning…and I love that I get to make playlists for my spinning classes! Every time I post them on Shedding It or on Twitter, they get a great response. People always say, “I wish I could take your class!” And…I wish they could too! I really do!

So, given my love for technology, tunes, and a workout that leaves you all sweaty and wet, it only seemed natural to share it with the world!

And when I posed the question, “What should I call it?” my blog friend Bess hit a home run with “Face Down, Ass Up.” I mean, that’s my favorite position on a bike and possibly just in life, so I thought it was perfect.

The idea is that I give you the music and the cues as one long mp4 file which you download onto your ipod and take to the gym!

Everyone was really excited about this idea and had a lot of great suggestions of things they’d like to see with this whole idea of virtual workouts. I have tons of ideas for great workouts to share going forward.

Here’s what I have for you…

Face Down, Ass Up Full Ride. Most gyms’ group cycling classes are 45 minutes, as are the ones I teach, so that’s what you get with this baby! It’s just like my class but with dirtier, NSFW music. There’s a warm-up, fast jumps, big and small hills, sprints, and a cool-down.

Face Down, Ass Up 30 Minute Ride. This is a shorter version of a typical class, but I really love 30 minute rides! That’s usually what I do when I go at it alone. It’s shorter but I still created a complete workout and included all of the elements you’d have in a longer class — just a little less of them!

Click here to listen to a sample of Face Down, Ass Up!

Excited but feeling left out because you’re bikeless? If you don’t have access to a spin bike, both of these workouts will work on other cardio machines. I’ve written up a pretty lengthy explanation on How to Get Face Down Ass Up Without a Bike, so read that over and if you think you can handle it (and I think most of you can!) then definitely get crack-a-lackin’ and come join the fun!

And while I hope everyone will download it and come for a ride, we do have to get serious for a second. Before you download anything, please click the image below for all the rules!

And now, to the business of getting you red-faced, sweaty, and wet!

UPDATED: 1/29/13: The service I use to send automatic downloads is notoriously buggy and the download link that is generated automatically often errors out. If you’d still like to download, you can use the buttons below to order and make a donation and you will receive your download within 24 hours. 

Face Down Ass Up Full Class Volume 2, Episode 1

Highlights: Gaga, 50 Cent, plus Black Kids, Glee, and Katy Perry. And a sufficient amount of ass-kicking!

Face Down Ass Up Full Class Volume 2, Episode 2

Faves: Missy Elliott, more 50, my fave M.I.A./Timbaland song, and one so-not-your-high-school-musical show tune that will make your inner thighs sing.

Face Down Ass Up 30 Minute Class Episode 2

The bastard child of both episodes of Vol. 2 includes 50, Glee, a mash-up, Death Cab, and Pitbull. So pretty much all my fave kinds of music!!

Face Down, Ass Up Full Ride Vol. 1, Ep. 1

Fave songs: Little Boots, bad ass Michael Jackson, and going to church with T-Pain.

Face Down, Ass Up 30 Minute Ride Ep. 1

Some highlights: Eminem’s “Not Afraid” (amazing!) and B.o.B. “Airplanes.”

I hope you guys like this and find that it’s a good way to change up your workout routine or get reacquainted with your bikes. I’m excited to hear how it goes for everyone! HOLLER.

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1 Chris July 11, 2010 at 5:38 pm

Where’s your clip-in shoes? and cycling gear! :) ahah I love spin class too.. I agree completely sometimes you want some hard pumping NSFW music to push you on those hill climbs! Good playlist!!

oh BTW – ““Face Down, Ass Up. I mean, that’s my favorite position on a bike and possibly just in life” … just wrong.. ;) lol


2 Nicole Landguth August 26, 2012 at 10:15 pm

Hi Rachel! I would love to try your podcasts but the PayPal downloads aren’t working for me. The price is is set at $0 but then the system tells me to enter a price higher than $0. If you have run into this problem before and have a solution, please let me know!


3 Rachel August 27, 2012 at 6:42 am

Yes, Nicole, it’s a donation class, so you just have to enter a price higher than $0 to start the download!


4 Carly January 6, 2013 at 1:37 am


I realize it’s been a while since you posted this, but I am interested in starting spinning classes so I wanted to download the 30 min Episode 2 to try it out. I paid through paypal but the download link didn’t work, is there any way I can get the class?



5 Rachel January 6, 2013 at 8:20 pm

So sorry about that! The site I use to generate the automatic links is a pain in the ass a lot of times. You should have it now!


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