Freelance Writing

When I’m not writing blog posts here or writing site copy, tweets, newsletters, and e-mails to customers, I’m…writing. And writing and writing and writing.

Here is some of my freelance work!

SHAPE Magazine

The Downsides of Meeting Your Goal Weight

How to Fall in Love With Healthy Living

The Six Stages of Getting Weight Loss Grief

Huffington Post

5 Wedding Cake Styles to Suit Every Couple

Yahoo! Shine

White-Hot Wedding Shoes

Farm-Fresh Wedding Ideas

Southern Wedding Charm

Gilded Wedding Cakes

Creamsicle Wedding Inspiration

Are You My Type? 5 Tips for Finding Your Wedding Font

Elegant Tropical Wedding Inspiration

Remedial Wedding Gift Etiquette for Engaged Couples

Now Trending for Weddings: Woodland Creatures

Rockabilly Wedding Inspiration

A Touch of Class: School-Inspired Wedding Details

Haute Pink Wedding Style

ATX Wedding Style

10 Ways to Make Your Bridesmaids Love You

10 Ways to Stay Cool at Your Summer Wedding

Holy Hydrangeas

Copper Wedding Details

10 Reasons to Invite Kids to Your Wedding

10 Mismatched Bridesmaids Looks We Love

Past Perfect: Vintage Wedding Decor Ideas

Rehearsal Dinner Fashion

The Best Ways to Save Money as a Wedding Guest

Confetti Fetes

Lush White Wedding Bouquets

Red Rose Inspiration

Top 10 Off-the-Shoulder Wedding Gowns

10 Sexy Little Things to Pack for Your Honeymoon

Sparkler Wedding Send-offs

Ice Cream Wedding Details

Yes Pleats! Elegant Pleated Wedding Gowns

Orange Crush: Orange Dresses for Wedding Guests

Pearl Wedding Details

Favors with Flavor: Wedding Favors for Foodies

The Prettiest 1950s Wedding Gowns

Strawberry Fields Forever Wedding Inspiration

A Midsummer Night’s Dream Wedding Inspiration

Nautical Engagement Photos

Stars and Stripes Wedding Details

4 Ways to Support Gay Marriage in Your Straight Wedding

In Defense of the Gift Registry

Refreshing Summer Wedding Drinks

Old Hollywood Wedding Inspiration

Sunflower Wedding Inspiration

Celebrate National Donut Day with Donut Wedding Desserts

Bold Statement Necklaces for Your Wedding Day

The Bride’s Guide to Social Media Wedding Etiquette

Five All-American Honeymoon Destinations

Red, White, and Blue Engagement Photos

Glamorous Feathered Wedding Details

15 Unique Ways to Ask Your Bridesmaids to Be in Your Wedding

8 Elegant Wedges for Your Wedding Day

How To: Bring the Cherry Blossom Festival to Your Wedding

10 Best Gold Wedding Details and Ideas

It’s National Picnic Day! Celebrate with These Picnic-Themed Engagements

Guest Attire Decoded: What to Wear to Any Type of Wedding

Batter Up! Baseball Wedding Details

Wedding Registry Dos and Don’ts

Citrus Wedding Decor

Rainy-Day Weddings

Delicious Dessert Bars

HOW TO: Create a Great Wedding Website

Played Out Wedding Trend? Nope! Why You Should Still Have a Photo Booth at Your Wedding

Blood Orange Wedding Inspiration

Aquamarine Wedding Details

It’s National Proposal Day: The Most Popular Diamond Cuts to Pop the Question With

Have Your Bridesmaids Wear Mismatched Dresses

Nice Buns! Chic Wedding Day Updos

Happy National Pi Day! Celebrate with These Wedding Pies

Wedding Gloves & Shrugs – Gatsby is Back

Try Herbs as an Alternative to Flowers at Your Wedding

4 Quick Tips to Choose Your Wedding Colors

Reception-Ready Dresses

Wedding Gowns Inspired by First Ladies’ Wedding Dresses

XOXO! 2013’s Hottest Valentine’s Day Look

Nibbles & Bites: Your Wedding Needs These Mini Foods

5 Reasons to Say Yes to a Morning/Brunch Reception

How to Choose a Signature Wedding Cocktail

The Best Chevron Wedding Details

Talk Nerdy to Me: Geek Chic Wedding Inspiration

Give Me Some Lip! Brides in Bold Lipstick 

Do You Have to Slap Your Photo on Everything? Creative, Photo-free Save-the-Dates

Get the Look for Your Wedding: Golden Globes 2013

Hey, Shorty! How to Dress Up Short Hair for Your Wedding

10 Profile Pics to Never Upload

U by Kotex

An E-mail From Your Period

Did “Mad Men” Take Period Drama Too Far?

How to Make a PMS Survival Kit

Four Things to Know About Your First Period

Five Reasons to be Thankful for Having Your Period/PMS During Thanksgiving

Trying a period tracker app

Bad dog, good guy

On the twelfth day of my period…

‘Twas the night before Christmas…

Pads and tampons as holiday gifts? Um, yes!

U by Kotex* Real Answers

BlogHer/USA Today Own Your Beauty

Don’t Say You’re Sorry. Just Own It.


How I Learned to Wear Red Lips

3 Cute Hairstyles to Wear at the Gym

How to Make a Beauty Trend Age-Appropriate

4 Things My Grandmother Taught Me About Beauty

How to Look Like You Aren’t Wearing Any Makeup

3 Looks to Rock as a Wedding Guest

How to Choose Your Own Bridesmaid Dress

Seven Tips for Looking Great in Your Wedding Photos

2013’s Hottest Hair Accessories

Fab Flats for Your Wedding Day

The Bridal Bun

How to Choose a Wedding Gift

Rock a Red Lip on the Big Day

How to Pick Your Wedding Planner

How to Pick Your Wedding Colors

Vintage Beauty Inspiration

4 Supersmart Tricks for Planning Your Wedding Budget

Finding Your Something Blue

5 Tips for Choosing Your Wedding Cake

The Prettiest Wedding Flowers for Every Season

How to Solve Those Wedding Seating Dilemmas

Effortless Wedding Hair

Wedding-Worthy Hair Pins

A Practical Wedding

My Fantasy Football Wedding

Rights and Responsibilities of That Girl Who Is Desperate to be Married

My Engagement Is, in Fact, an Accomplishment

Chore Monsters, Feminism, and Zombies

Push, Quit, and Craft

Changing Your Name in the Age of Google


Buying a Guy an Engagement Ring

My Life is Good*

Love in the Age of the 24-Hour News Cycle

Going to Mars

The People Want Options

Going the Distance

Making My Wedding Dress

It’s a Nice Day for a (Half) White Wedding


A Practical Guide to Making Friends as an Adult

Feminism and the New Domesticity

A Practical Guide to Breaking Up with Friends

Objects in Motion

I Don’t Care If You Like It

The Knot

Buy It For The Wedding, Pack It For The Honeymoon!

10 Registry Items That Do Double Duty

4 Road Trip Honeymoons (Plus Travel Tips!) for Adventure Seekers

The Nest

The Dos and Don’ts of Combining Your Finances

Four Tips for Surviving Your First DIY Project as a Couple

How to Split the Chores With Your Partner (& Keep the Peace!)

Bridal Guide Magazine

Top 10 Wedding Announcements

10 Fun & Flirty Reception Dresses

Sweet Spring Theme: Lovebirds

Glamours Clutches for Every Wedding Theme

Why a DIY Wedding Isn’t For Everyone

Offbeat Home

How big is your backseat?: Sex after moving back with your parents

Offbeat Bride

Operation: This is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things

Wedding Party

Dealing with Wedding Snark

Choosing a wedding venue when everywhere is a destination

How to Choose Your Bridal Party

Five Wedding Gift Etiquette Rules That Make No Sense

In Defense of Registering for Technology

This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things: Pre-Wedding Cleanse Edition

What should I do if my maid of honor is slacking?

How to stop your future in-laws from taking over your wedding

How do you tell a friend she won’t be in your wedding party?

Should the bride and groom pay for the wedding party’s attire?

What do you tell your family and friends if you don’t want a wedding ceremony?

What should you do if your fiancé wants to invite his or her ex to the wedding?

Can you ask for money instead of traditional gifts?

How do you deal with a demanding wedding guest?

Should you send invites to people you know can’t attend your wedding?

What to do when a friend steals your wedding idea

How do you tell your mom you don’t want to wear her wedding dress?

How do you tell your MOH and bridesmaids you don’t like the bachelorette party they are planning for you?

How do I deal with an in-law who wants to invite a ton of unknown faces to my small wedding?

What is a post-wedding brunch and do I need to have one?

Do I have to invite my coworkers to my wedding?

Let’s Fete!

Love at 10,000 Feet: Weddings in Vail, CO

Ain’t No Mountain High Enough: Weddings in Beaver Creek, CO

That 70s Wedding

Bachelorette Party Planning: The Fit Foodie Party

In the Buff: Nude Wedding Shoes

Savor the Flavor

Ombré Wedding Florals

10 Couples Who Will Make You Want to Do a First Look

Chocolate Wedding Treats

Check Yo-Self: Gingham Wedding Details

48 Hours in the Life of a Bridesmaid

This Little Light of Mine: Pretty Paper Lanterns

Three Things You Can Let Bridesmaids Choose

Wedding Field of Dreams

Four Ways to Get Healthier for Your Wedding

Lemon Meringue Wedding Inspiration

Blue Willow Wedding Inspiration

Lavender Florals

Cap Sleeve Wedding Gowns

Look We Love: Swiss Dots

Bold Ruffled Gowns

Gorgeous Wedding Day Braids

You Don’t Have to DIY

Neutral Wedding Colors

Set a Vintage Wedding Table

Lock & Key Weddings

Sitting in a Tree: Bird Wedding Details

Talk Nerdy to Me: Geeky Wedding Details

Purple and Orange Wedding Details

Light Me Up: Candle Wedding Decor

Gorgeous Wedding Day Clutches

Blushing Bridesmaids

Umbrella Wedding Decor

Destination Chic: Beachy Bridal Looks

Ticket to Ride: Great Wedding-Day Transportation

Be a Headstrong Bride in One of These Fabulous Headpieces

Don’t Bare Arms: Long-Sleeved Wedding Gowns

Sweet Sips

All-American Wedding Ideas

Coming Up Roses

Be Mine: Candy Heart Colored Bridesmaids Dresses

How to Create the Perfect Wedding Welcome Bag

XOXO! Bold Valentine’s Day Details

Non-traditional Engagement Rings

The Write Stuff: Gorgeous Calligraphy

Pedal Pushers

Girls in Pearls

City Hall and Courthouse Love

All Fur Love

Kick Off Your Marriage with Football Wedding Details

A Daring Décolletage

To Have and To Hold: Creative Ideas for Ring Bearers

Deep Freeze: Icy Looks for Your Winter Wedding

You’ve Got Your Love to Keep You Warm: Cozy Winter Engagement Photo Ideas

Bauble Bar

Re-styling Your Bridesmaids Dress

Jewels and Updos

Bridal Style: Beach Wedding

Bridal Style: The Great Gatsby

Bridal Style: Garden Party

Bridal Style: Nautical Wedding

Bridal Style: City Hall Wedding

Boho Wedding Style

Bridal Style: Hip 1950s Wedding

Brit + Co.

15 Rules for Great Outdoor Weddings

A Dozen Colorful and Creative Cakes

15 Foodie Favors to Add Flavor to Your Next Event


Paying for Weddings: The Cash vs. Credit Debate

Sitting in a Tree

Navy Blue Wedding Ideas

Five Awesome Video Save the Dates

Five Tips for Helping Your Bridal Party Bond

Jade Wedding Inspiration

Wanderlust: Travel-Themed Save-the-Dates

5 Questions You Should Never Ask Your Bridal Party

Color Me Rouge

Please stop telling me what men find attractive, thanks

Would you go on a mirror fast?

The ladies of Fox News get foxy

Essie has me “spinning again”

Is the beauty industry mean?

Applying Makeup in Public — Yea or Nay?

It’s October, buy pink stuff!

Desert Island Beauty

The anti-aging paradox: Are we really changing the standard of beauty?

Do I really need to spend THAT much on makeup? Setting a beauty budget

Ursula Gets Skinny to Sell Makeup 

8 Beauty Moments I Love

I work out in makeup. You may judge me now.

Discover Your Beauty Canvas

My Celebrity Beauty Icons

Lazy Girl’s Guide to Cleaning Her Makeup Case

Betting It All on Beauty

The “Natural” Look Men Love Ain’t So Natural

What Makes a Beauty Trend Age-appropriate?

Beauty and the Bad Mother

Beauty products based on The Hunger Games? I don’t get it.

How I Feel Before an Eyebrow Wax vs. How I Feel After an Eyebrow Wax

Worst Makeup Lines for Women of Color

Does the Beauty Gene Skip a Generation?

Three Ways to Rock a Red Lip and Brighten Your Day

How I Achieve My Signature Look

Department Store Make-up vs. Drugstore Make-up

I Tried It: Latisse

HubSpot Inbound Marketing Blog

Five Things Sorority Girls Can Teach You About Blogging 


Why I Don’t Believe in Free Love (Free Vs. Paid Dating Sites)

Should You Let Online Dating Sites Do the Work for You?

10 Things to Never Write on a Girl’s Facebook Wall

More to Love: Cheating Vs. Polyamory Dating Sites

Top 10 Booty Texts You Should Never Send a Guy

Stalk Dirty to Me: When to Let on That You’ve Followed Her Online

Keeping It Cool With an Ex on Facebook

Valentine’s Day Gifts for the Chic Geek

Online Snooping: Are You a Saint or a Sinner?


How to Look Good on Web Cam

Getting a Professional Profile Picture: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Ultimate Smackdown: Match versus eHarmony

Are You Ready to Make a Sex Tape?

What to Write on a Girl’s Facebook Wall to Make Her Want You

There’s NOT an App for That: Sexy iPhone Apps We’d Like to See

Booty Call Texting: The Morning After

Take Your Texting to the Next Level

Addicted to Online Dating?

Drink, Smoke and Date: How to Find Singles Who Imbibe

How to Train Him To Stop Sending Late Night Booty Texts

When to Delete Your Online Dating Profile

BBM Flirting: How to Text Using Blackberry Messenger

How to Write a Status Update to Keep Him Interested

When Is It OK to Block or Defriend a Guy?

The Girls’ Guide to Booty Call Texting

How to Respond to a Breakup Email

The Pros and Cons of Googling Your Date

Teasing Text Tips

There’s an App for That!

20 Ways to Ace Your First Online Date

10 Do’s and Don’ts for Picking Your Online Dating Profile Picture

Marking Your Territory: Peeing on His Facebook Wall

Facebook Flirting: A Guide to Pokes, Wall Posts and Private Messages

Flirtexting: Interview with Deb & Liv, the Textperts

Tweets from Between the Sheets

Overcome Your Resistance to Online Dating

Facebook Photos: to Tag or Not to Tag?

10 Ways to Stop Drunken Texting


All my posts on Hollaback Health

Making Your Blog Mobile-Friendly

Vision Boards — Do They Work?

Manage Your Time Better Part IPart II, and Part III

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