Best of the Blog

I’ve written many, many posts on this blog — some forgettable and some that you might want to re-read. If you’re new to the blog, this is a good place to start. And if you’re just bored at work, consider this my greatest hits!

About Me

Don’t Be Ridiculous

Own Everything You Do

My Weight Loss Story and “Before” Pictures

My Family Tree

My Very Best Article: Dad’s Gay!

My Relationship with EricThe Guy I Moved Across the Country For

My Seven Best Friends

When Friendships Break

My Dog Chuck & My Dog Indiana

Why I Read Cosmo

Why I Talk About Race

The Story on My Hair & My First Weave

Why I Like Living in Houston

A Letter to My Wannabe New Yorker Self

The Importance of Literal LOLs

I’d Fuck a Republican — I Just Wouldn’t Vote for One

No I Won’t Be Watching “The Game” This Weekend

The Lessons

The Rules

Getting It

How to Live a Passionate Life Without Being Passionate About Your Job

Five Reasons I Didn’t Go to Grad School

Building Your Financial Self-Image

The Thing About Rejection & The Book Proposal

Be a Linchpin

Make a Vanity Board

How to Make a Vision Board

Does a Body Good

You Must Strength Train, Even If You are Fat

The Dieting Scale of Terror

The Truth About Diet Pills

When Being Healthy Sucks

How to Make Working Out Your Hobby

How I Finally Got It Up For Yoga

Don’t Bring Me to the Gym

Avoiding Stress Pounds

Unexpected & Possible Shallow Things That Motivate Me to Work Out

Fill Me Up

Yes, I Eat Butter

Taste Treats vs. Calorie Treats

Top Ten Cooking Tips

How to Eat in a Restaurant Alone

Grocery Shopping Is Like Going to Church

Your Unruly Appetite

Easiest Weeknight Dinners

Processed Foods vs. Whole Foods

French Women Don’t Get Fat

My Stance on the Pumpkin Latte

White Chocolate Buttercream Cupcakes

Giving It Up

No Secret Crushes

The Rachel Wilkerson Male Scale

The Reverse Cowgirl

Un-learning Learned Incompetence

Delusional, I Know

Maybe It’s Your Personality

Yes, I Have a Type

Boomerang Boom Boom

The Dating Optimist

How to Get Over a Fear of Flying


Cougars and Quesadillas

Too Much of a Good Thing & Bangover 911

When Running Is Better Than Sex

Sometimes I Booty Call With Cupcakes

The Worst-Case Scenario

I’m Spent

How I Decide What to Review

The Smug-O-Matic

My First Time with Lululemon

The Neti Pot

The Best Teeth Whiteners

Which Core Fusion DVD to Choose

Why Women Buy Expensive Jeans

Loving My Fitbook!

Make Up Forever

Pimp My Kitchen: Milk Vibrator

Pimp My Kitchen: Toddy Cold

Pimp My Kitchen: Girl on Grill

Bodacious Bras

Talk Nerdy to Me

Mindcasting vs. Lifecasting

Why You Should Start a Blog

How to Start a Blog Part I & Part II & Part III

How to Use Twitter for Networking

How Social Media Can Help You Get a Job in Social Media

How to Use Evernote

Top Ten Characteristics of Blogs We Stopped Reading Because We Fell Asleep

Does Your Mom Read Your Blog?

How to Look Good on Webcam

Say Hello to Your Friends — Ten Questions for Ann M. Martin


What I Think About During Long Runs

I’m Lovin’ It: When Hook-Ups Justify Hashbrowns

The Four Species of New Years Resolutionaries

The Five Stages of Getting Weight Loss Grief

I’ve Got a Heart On

The No-Asshole Diet