My Lessons

I love life and love learning lessons — those “getting it” moments when a light bulb goes off and suddenly everything makes sense. It might be a new way to motivate myself to work out or it might be a new gadget I can’t live without. I figure that if those lessons help me, they could help other people too. I like being the girl people can trust to give them a straight, no-BS answer. Yes, you should buy a Magic Bullet. No, you should not gobble diet pills in an effort to get a boyfriend. You should totally fly across the country when you think you’re in love with a guy you’ve never actually met in person. Stuff like that. Those lessons are what I love sharing and what I share here.

Lesson #122: How to Work Out on Your Lunch Break

Lessons #117-#121: Five Things Stand-Up Comedy Taught Me About Life

Lesson #116: Un-Learning Learned Incompetence

Lesson #115: How to Bribe Yourself to Work Out

Lesson #114: How to Make Female Friends After College

Lesson #113: How to Lead a Passionate Life Even if You Aren’t Passionate About Your Job

Lessons #108-112: Lessons from the Great Sexperiment

Lessons #105-107: Lessons from Chicago

Lesson #104: How I Finally Got It Up for Yoga

Lesson #103: How to Confess Your Love to a Friend 

Lesson #102: How to Prepare for the Worst

Lesson 101: How to Lose Weight & Get in Shape in the Fall  (video)

Lesson #100: Surviving Tough Times 

Lesson #99: How to Make Working Out Your Hobby

Lesson #98: How to Cure the Post-Vacation Blues

Lesson #97: Eight Questions to Ask That Aren’t “So When Are You Getting Married?”

Lesson # 96: On Pet Responsibilities

Lesson #95: How to Cook at All Hours of the Day

Lessons #88-94: How to Deal When the Something Blue is You

Lesson #87: How to Toss Your Own Salad

Lesson #86: On Defining “Normal”

Lessons #82-85: Lessons from Charleston Part III

Lessons #79-81: Lessons from Charleston Part II

Lessons #76 -78: Lessons from Charleston Part I

Lesson #75: How to Clean Your Fridge Before Vacation

Lesson #74: How to Handle Praise

Lesson #73: What to Eat When You’re Eating Alone

Lesson #72: The Tale of the Too-Tight Dress

Lesson #71: The Trouble With Takeout

Lesson #70: Tips for Time Management

Lesson #69 — What Happens During Your First Valentine’s Day as a Couple is Not a Dealbreaker

Lesson #68 — On Trying New Exercise Classes

Lesson #67 — Two Things Amazon Doesn’t Teach You About the Kindle

Lesson #66 — How to Work Out at Night

Lesson #65 — Why Women Buy Expensive Jeans

Lesson #64 — How to Do a Better Job

Lesson #63 — On Job Searching

Lesson #62 — When Broke-Ass Hoes Want to Bake

Lesson #61 — Why Every Woman Needs to Own Tools

Lesson #60 — How to Host a Tree Decorating Party for Two

Lesson #59: Cervix Slam 2K10 — Everything You Need to Know About the IUD

Lesson #58: What to Do With Yourself When They Start Hanging Wreaths on Palm Trees

Lesson #57: How to Shoot a Potato Gun

Lesson #56: What to Cook Your Boyfriend’s Family for Breakfast

Lesson #55: How to Host a Fake Holiday

Lessons #53 & 54: On Sick Days

Lessons #50-52: On Red Velvet Cookies, BBQ Chicken Pizza, and Burning Potholders

Lesson #49: My Family Tree

Lesson #48: How to Make Your House Smell Like a Home

Lessons #46 & 47: On Traveling Home

Lesson #45: How My Family Does Halloween Costumes

Lesson #44: How to Decide to Move Across the Country for Love

Lessons #38-43: Lessons from an October Weekend

Lesson #37: How to Make a Bangover Breakfast When You’re Feeling Easy Like Sunday Morning

Lesson #36: How to Make Pumpkin Chili Without Any Clothes On

Lesson #35: Do Not Put Your Laundry in to Wash and Then Work Out Unless You Want to Spend the Afternoon Naked

Lesson #34: On Complaining Without Sounding Like a Spoiled White Girl

Lesson #33.5: On Making Others’ Bad Days Good

Lesson #32: Do Not Schedule a Pelvic Exam for First Thing Monday Morning & Lesson #33: On Being Good at Bad Days

Lesson #31: Music Sharing for Broke-Ass Hoes

Lesson #30: How to Find Yourself in a Seriously Awkward Position

Lesson #29: What to Do If You’re a Broke-Ass Ho in Need of Decent Vino for Your Fancy Risotto

Lesson #28: How to Turn a Normal Girl and a Normal Guy Into That Couple

Lesson #27: How to Make a Treasure Map and Love Those Who Have Screwed You Over

Lesson #26: How to Vajazzle

Lesson #25: How to Have a Breakdown Without Having a Breakdown

Lesson #24: How to Get New Technology When You’re a Broke Ass Ho

Lesson #23: How to Redeem Yourself After Bad PR

Lesson #22: How to Feel Sexy (video)

Lesson #21: How to Cure Homesickness

Lesson #20: How to Watch a Triathlon (video)

Lesson #19: How to Look Great at a Toga Party

Lesson #18: How to Be Wrong About a Guy and Be OK

Lesson #17: How to Be (Or Have) a Cheap Date

Lesson #16: How to Avoid FEMA Pancakes

Lesson #15: How to Eat at a Restaurant Alone

Lesson #14: How to Avoid Weightcation

Lesson #13: How to Make a Cake Erupt (video)

Lesson #12: How to Criticize a Friend

Lesson #11: How to Get Over a Fear of Flying

Lesson #10: How to Look Good on Web Cam (video)

Lesson #9: How to Make a Vanity Board and Stop Being a Hater (video)

Lesson #8: How to STFU

Lesson #7: How to Be a Chic Geek

Lesson #6: How to Seriously Blow it with Social Media

Lesson #5: How to Summerize Things That are a Drag

Lesson #4: How to Cook a Bagel Thin

Lesson #3: How to Dress Like a Fashion Assistant

Lesson #2: How to Make Vanity Less Expensive

Lesson #1: How to Call BS on a Company Who Promises Free Shit and Then Refuses to Deliver

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