The Very Serious and Official Rules of Face Down, Ass Up

1. The first rule of Face Down, Ass Up is you do not talk about Face Down, Ass Up. JUST KIDDING. Uhh…please talk about it if you try it and like it! Tweet it, blog it, Facebook it, or just e-mail this page to people you think would be interested!

2. The actual first rule of Face Down, Ass Up is that you MUST watch the Losing Your Virspinity video before doing it. Even if you’ve been spinning forever, you need a refresher course! You need to know where I’m coming from as your virtual instructor. That means remembering which position is which, where your hands should be, why it feels so sexual, etc.

3. If you’ve never taken a spin class, I don’t want you doing this on a bike — you could get hurt. I love taking virspinity, so I’ll work on one for beginners, but I’d still prefer that you attend at least one class with a real, live instructor first, just so you get a feel for it and learn how to set up your bike. (I know, I’m totally rejecting your virspinity like Edward rejects Bella’s advances in “Twilight” and it’s not easy for me, but it is the right thing to do.)

4. Don’t be ridiculous. (Best rule of everything in life, right??) When you download, you’re accepting liability so don’t do it if you have bad knees and then try to sue me in a month. The only think I’ll take responsibility for is your rockin’ ass.

Last but not least, the price on this is a donation and that’s because I feel like it will mean something different to everyone. So I guess I’d rather you just decide what it’s worth to you based on how much you think you’ll use it and how you decide what’s a good value for things like this! For some people, it might be like a DVD you do twice a week; for other people it might be like a class you’d take once or twice a month. So I’d rather you just decide what works for you and your fitness budget!