What I Think About During Long Runs (16 dirty miles…how do prudes run distances?)

I’m Lovin’ It (When hooking up justifies hash browns.)

The No-Asshole Diet (Lose up to 500 pounds of pure asshole!)

The Four Species of New Years Resolutionaries (Furbies, and divas, and guidos…oh my!)

The Five Stages of Getting Weight Loss Grief (Because people will call you a “skinny bitch.”)

The Benefits of Sexercise (“Wait a minute…could we do it on a bike?”)

The Gym Crush Workout (Moving your ass and getting ass!)

Differences Between White Girls and Black Girls At the Gym (Paying tribute to my mixed-race heritage!)

Read My Hips (Classic yoga positions, re-imagined with dirty names.)

I’ve Got a Heart On (My favorite way to help your heart for National Go Red Month!)

What’s Cooking, Good Looking? (Please read this before you decide to cook a romantic meal half-naked. Seriously.)

How to Not Eat (Who needs food, anyway?)

A Lovely Three Intercourse Dinner (Ordering on a first date can be so stressful!)

Losing Your Virspinity (There’s nothing like your first time…)

Getting to the Finish Line (Your sexual training plan.)

The Ten Commandments (Because grocery shopping is my church!)

Faking It (Eating fake sugar is like using a vibrator. There, I said it.)

Always Wear a Condiment (Are you a ketchup addict?)

You Buy, I’ll Eat (The best way to date)

Bangover 911 (A very important PSA)

Falling In Love with Healthy Living Is Like Falling In Love (My Wellsphere Webinar)

Project Food Blog (What defines me as a food blogger)

T-Rex Arms (A very important PSA for all women)

Video Lessons

How to Vajazzle

How to Feel Sexy

How to Watch a Triathlon

How to Stop Being a Hater

Cooking Videos

Mistletoe Martini

Rum Whipped Cream

Peppermint Bark

Garlic Bagel Dip